Former Lagos State House of Assembly man, Hon. Hodewu Suuru Avoseh has gotten a niche, cast in gold when it comes to the politics in Lagos State.
Relatively unknown some 9 years ago when he was elected on the platform of the then ruling Peoples democratic Party, PDP as Lagos lawmaker, representing Badagry constituency II, Avoseh, for the love of his peoples defied all forms of federal juicy opportunities, pressures and access to make easy and quick money dumped the his party to join the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, which was the ruling party in Lagos State.
He joined the ACN as at when the PDP was ruling at the national level and was keen to spend fortune to keep it members, especially out of desperation to conquer Lagos State by all means. Though a decision very difficult, if Avoseh was to be looking for quick wealth and personal gains, afterall, he was the Minority Leader at the then Lagos State House of Assembly, a principal position for that matter.
Against personal gains, Avoseh dumped the PDP, knowing fully well that, that was the only way he could lobby development from the state's powers-that-be to his constituent and the Badagry at large. He was lampooned, called names by his former party members and faithfuls.
Having joined the ruling party, Hon. Avoseh in his passion to bring development to Badagry, especially his immediate constituent, was quick to make friends, liaised with the ruling party and began to lobby the state government. His efforst were in no time then, yeilded positive results as many projects was executed in Badagry, many of which his constituent benefitted immensely.
Before Avoseh's efforts, an age long road from Ikoga-Zebbe to Ajara was unpassable. The deplorable state of the road was so bad that over 35 communities were faced with hardship. The communities mainly peasant farmers, traders and fishermen could not transport their farm produce to the market around. Even some pupils and students were forced to stay back at home because of inaccessible roads. Every dweller in those communities groans in hardship.
But for the efforts of Avoseh, a kilometer long bridge was constructed at the road's swampy area by Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola-led Lagos State Government. Others parts of the roads were also sand filled and rehabilitated. As I write, the second phase of the road projects still ongoing. I mean the ongoing construction of Ajara-Agbovipe bridge, worths billion of naira.
Some erroneously argued that, Avoseh did that to the communities because, he is from one the communities, Erekiti. Is Hon. Suuru Hodewu Avoseh from Ilogbo Eremi Area too.? While he was still in government, one of his indelible efforts that have yielded result and brought development to his constituent was the construction of Ilogbo-Eremi road. Though still under construct till date, efforts made by Avoseh to effect the road construction was not hidden even to the beneficial communities. Before he left office last year, a bridge at Abia to link Pota was already completed. A second phase of the road and the second bridge construction is said to be in this year's Lagos State budget.
Other projects made possible by Avoseh while he was in office were, rehabilitation of old Ibereko-badagry roads, construction of modern schools buildings at St. Paul Anglican primary School, Igborosun, where he also personally built a block of six classrooms from his purse. Others are construction of modern school building by lagos State Government at St. Leo's Roman Catholic Primary School, Ikoga-Zebbe, Construction of the same prototype building at Government College, Ajara, Badagry, By lagos State Government.
Apart from many roads rebabilitation which Avoseh lobbied to effect, in his drive and passion for Education, being a former teacher, Avoseh distributed computer sets and books to all primary schools in his constituency. I am a livining witness to numerous Students of Lagos State university who were on scholarship scheme of Avoseh.
In the area of jobseeking, Hon. Avoseh had helped many to secure jobs in various ministries in Lagos State.
Avoseh as the Chairman, Lagos State House Committee on Health ensured Badagry general Hospital was re-equipped with modern health facilities and personel. During his tenure as the Chairman on health, he embarked on free surgery for peoples cleftmouth. Many he had restored their beauty and hope in this scheme.
These are just few of many good things Avoseh was able to do when he served. He can do more if elected as the Chairman, Badagry Local Government. He was tested. He had done what Napoleon could not do in the history of Badagry. let give him more chance. He will do more.
Dansu Peter Writes to News Punch from Badagry.
Gbagi ma na gble gbede gbede.


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