When politicians indulge in power games, they act without principles.  When politicians, or anyone else, give up the pursuit of truth, they or their parties are doomed.  As when we create power groups to lobby for our cause and is willing to do anything to achieve our goal, it is acceptable to power seekers because the norms are not regarded. 

What is happening in Kogi now used to be a mere imagination. No one ever thought that in this era of political awareness and socialization, ugly situations can be the order of the day by power seekers. There is a lot of lack of respect for contrary opinion, lack of basic civility as Bello opponents receive death threats for criticizing Bello from his legion of psychopaths. There is a lot of intimidation on the backs of the poor and the powerless, secret promotion of discrimination and bigotry, bitter partisanship hiding behind financial savings, rise of this-is-my-project/my-tribal-guy syndrome, singing of the-will-of-God-must-be-respected-by-all mandate, reign of I-will-not-listen-to-anybody mentality and all the inherent dramatization of ‘divinely anointed’ power occupants. 

They poses 
• A disregard for laws and social mores
• A disregard for the rights of others
• A failure to feel remorse or guilt
• A tendency to display violent behavior
OK, here goes…3 universal truth that Bello and his battalion must acknowledge 
• Bello must know that individually we have a voice!
• Bello must know that as a group, courage still works!
• Bello must know that our principles define us! and that opposition doesn't amount to Enemy and that intimidation is the way of the weak .

The psychopath  in Kogi state has no principle, they are so cheap, they don't have shame , they sing HOSSANA today and come back tomorrow to shout CRUCIFY him, they are permanents friend of Lugard House . They are in all government in power AGIP. They will never allow hetruth to enter the table of their victim ( Their Principal) 

They were with the Prince of the Niger before (Late Prince Audu ) they moved to  Sai Ibro dole project ,from Ibro to Sai Wada now these people are now going around threatening people , directly involved in Name calling,  Name dropping  Buck passing and pushing the blame around just to please Bello, they know how to do, what to do to and when to do it to create a space for themselves in any government.  They must have an excuses to be in any government in power. 

These people are ready to go dirty, as dirty as pig to please Bello, the psychopath has no future sight , some of these   psychopath are graduate, and intelligent ,mostly youth but yet they can't step out of the sore of Kogi state to seek for another alternatives, psychopath, eyes services has become profession and their daily job, they are on weekly allowance and some monthly allowances, the receive their alert even at the expense of career civil servants in kogi state . 

As for Bello the allowance of the vultures is his number priority. Under their watch two Lagosian were imported to man social media for Bello as SSA, Nobody is taken them serious and therefore, menial job is their own portion 

A friend called them Lugard vultures . Lugard vulture were recruited to engage and abuse whoever opposes their new found love , the vultures has created several pseudo account (fake Facebook account) dishing out threat, all in the name of mass-aching their Principals Eggo . The  psychopath view opposition as Enemy not rival . To them whoever dare criticize Bello must receives death threat, insult and warning phone call and bully    Ignorantly , they believe that Audu died and Bello inherited his votes ,therefore Bello is  from God and must be respected,and not to be criticized.  

The are categories along ethnic line , and ignorantly thus is creating ethnic tension , the vultures from igala land are saying they are rally round Bello because he is young, actually they must have an excuses to justify their shameless behavior ,to the psychopath from Ebira land, Bello is their own and must not be criticize, these categories view Ebira personality opposing Bello as Juda is carrot and should be point out for crucifixion , today Kogi is dividing along ethnic lines, the tribal tension is so high .
What Bello must understand is that as long as he is occupying public office.  He is subject to public scrutining, he must grow up to accept criticism ,embrace it and learn from it .

To the vultures our message is simple, allow Bello to listen to the voice of wisdom,

The message for the vulture are simple 
The Opposition are not disturbed because they cannot eat our flesh. 

The bullies are threatening yet The opposition shall not bow because they cannot break our spirit or conquer my soul. 

The liars are lying yet We shall not be deterred for We know the Ancient of Days, the mighty God that We serve. 

The dogs are barking yet We continue to rejoice, knowing that lions do not tremble at the bark of an accursed mongrel. 

Usman Okai Austin 
National Cordinator PDP Youth Frontier 
Wadata , Plaza 

Disclaimer: Opinion, thoughts expressed in this article is purely that of the writer and of News Punch's.


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