Why is it that when Fulani herdsmen kill thousands of children, women and men in defenceless communities it does not even concern the federal government and does not even make headlines that can make the issue to be taken seriously but when Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in Abia State kill Five Fulani herdsmen it becomes a very serious headline to the level that the federal government takes the issue so serious which DSS accuses IPOB of killing Fulani herdsmen? Why is it that DSS didn’t look seriously into Agatu massacre and other massacre in Benue State and other parts of Nigeria? From the way the DSS is behaving on this issue I hope the federal government headed by Buhari is not on the side of the Fulani herdsmen. 

If Buhari and his federal government do not take this matter of killings very seriously, they will be indirectly promoting illegal possession of arms in Benue State and beyond because when the federal government can no longer protect the people they will be left with no option than to get arms illegally to defend themselves. And when such crisis calms down, such weapons can later be used for arm robbery and other criminal acts.  

Buhari and his federal government should not allow this to happen because it will later turn Nigeria to a country of illegal arm possession.


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