Barring last minute change, there may be a major cabinet reshuffle by President Muhammadu Buhari when he marks his first one year in office come May 29, National Weekender reports

Though his ministers would have spent barely eight months in office then, but the body language of the President according to our Aso Villa source suggests that he is not pleased with the performance of most of his ministers who came on board to settle some top politicians whose efforts ensured that the president won the 2015 elections.

According to our source, Mr. President has been toying with the idea since December and was actually going to make the changes and announcement in his New Year message early this year but he was prevailed upon by some top party chieftains and close associates who are in tune with his action. He had to shift the plan after he was advised that aside the fact that it was too early for his administration to take such action the decision could further tear the governing party All Progressives Congress apart following the problems the party encountered in its early days in office seen by many as teething problems.

“I can tell you that there may be a major cabinet reshuffle when this administration clocks one in May,” begins our source. “Mr. President is indeed not satisfied with the performances of some of his ministers since they assumed office. He was almost going to announce the changes in January but some bigwigs of our great party who also share the president’s opinion advised that it was too early as the administration was barely eight months then and it could be misinterpreted by the opposition party. 

“Again, because of the crisis the party was facing then following the elections of the leadership of the National Assembly talking about Senate President Abubakar Saraki and Speaker of the House of Representatives Yakubu Dogara , the president was advised to stay action as it could further heighten tension in the party.

“But with all this gone, the President’s body language suggests that he will have to ask the non performing ministers to go come May." 

"Those likely to be affected are the ministers who have not carried out a single project since they came on board and most of them are guilty of this offence. Some of them keep saying that they are waiting for go-ahead order from the President to carry out their functions and this excuse has always infuriated Mr. President.

“I don’t know the numbers of ministers to go but I think more than 10 may be shown the exit doors. As I speak with you some of them have not been able to speak one on one with the president on issues concerning their ministries. It is that bad. And that informs the reason why most of them are not allowed to travel with Mr. President. If you watch closely you will discover that a particular set of ministers are rotated to travel with him.”

National Weekender


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