A chieftain of the APC closed to Senator Saraki, yesterday, revealed that the Senate President would rather go down than kowtow the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, Senator  Bola Tinubu, New Telegraph reports

According to the political associate of Saraki, who preferred anonymity, the Senate President was the only APC chieftain who never revered Tinubu in APC and believes he has no reason to revere the APC leader. 

The source stated that Tinubu’s grudge against Saraki was not that he (Saraki) went against his position on the Senate Presidency, but that he (Saraki) does not accord him the respect other APC chieftains’ accord to him. 

According to the source, Saraki believes that he has the same political credentials if not more as Tinubu and therefore does not see any reason why he should defer to him.

The source pointed out: “Saraki was governor of Kwara State for eight years just the same way Tinubu was in Lagos and he is also a senator just the way Tinubu was. Saraki controls Kwara State politics just as Tinubu controls Lagos State”. 

The source further explained that Tinubu believes that if Saraki was not checked and is allowed to have his way in the party, he (Saraki) might become the rallying point in the party ahead of 2019 elections


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