Written By Terfa Naswem

For those who think that the attacks in Agatu and other parts of Benue State are carried out by Fulani herdsmen got it all wrong according to a source who spoke on condition of anonymity, Fulani herdsmen have been impersonated by Boko Haram, News Punch Exclusively learnt. 

According to our source, some  residents from Gwoza, Chibok and Damboa Local Government Areas of Borno State who escaped Boko Haram attacks from Borno now in Jos, spoke on condition of anonymity said that Boko Haram are now using different ways of attacks which impersonating Fulani herdsmen is one of such.  

One of them said that Boko Haram have now engaged in cattle rearing to gain access to communities and carry out attacks. Since they are aware of the crises that have been existing between Fulani herdsmen and farmers not just in Benue State but all over Nigeria. They have decided to use that as an easy way to gain access and attack any community they so wish.

One of those who spoke on condition of anonymity said that since Boko Haram are impersonating Fulani herdsmen; it will be very difficult to distinguish between those who are really Fulani herdsmen and those who are Boko Haram. He said that if the communities, the state government and the federal government do not take this issue seriously and do something right now, it will reach a level where it might get out of control and that what is happening in Benue State now is just a replica of what began in Borno State.

According to him, the attacks in Benue State will soon spread to other states such as Cross River, Kogi, Enugu and beyond if nothing is done now.


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