Although prostitution is the world’s oldest profession, not everyone who practices it started all out to engage in it.

While some got into it for the love of money, several others got into it because they cannot be satisfied by a single person. Away from these, so many others who got molested at a rather tender age, have claimed that they cannot allow a ‘legit’ person into their lives and cannot live to be domineered over by a man; hence their foray into the sex business.'s Godday chord went on a fact-finding mission to unravel the reason some of these ladies delved into prostitution; maybe for survival, pleasure or just for fun and they made startling revelations.

Some prostitutes at the Ikeja area of Lagos disclosed that they started prostitution at the very tender age of sixteen.

The prostitutes who were parading with skimpy dresses at the Allen avenue area of the Lagos state capital, told our correspondent how they started prostitution as young students and how they were able to sponsor themselves into tertiary institutions.

While narrating her ordeal, a 23-year-old lady who identified herself as Stella, disclosed that she joined the sex workers’ ‘industry’ at the age of 17, after suffering from consistent rape by her neighbours who were living in the same house with her in Lagos. Narrating her ordeal,

Stella said: “I started this business at a very tender age, I was just 17 when I started. Because I had been exposed to sex at the age of 16, so many people that were older than me, raped me then and I was not able to shout for help because of the threats which I wouldn’t like to talk about.

“After the consistent episode of rape, I concluded not to be a toy in the hands of men anymore so I decided to go into it full time, because my parents were late and I had no body to cater for me, I was only staying with my uncle before I got this kind of exposure.” Stella further told this medium that she has been responsible for the payment of her school fees, claiming that she is a student of the Lagos State University (LASU), where she studies accounting.

She stressed however, that she wants a better career for herself. “I had to use this way to take care of my secondary school fees and now I am in LASU studying accounting it’s not really funny but I just have to do it because I know what I want for myself, “ she said. In the course of this investigation, gathered that some ladies from the age of 15 have also gone deep into prostitution.

Although many of the commercial sex workers claimed to be students, investigations revealed that some actually engage in legitimate business in the afternoon but practice prostitution at night to augment their earnings. Some of them work as waitresses in eateries and hotels in the afternoon but at night they transform to sex providers.

Also speaking was one Adefunke, 24, of Sharker’s bar and guest house. She claimed that she owns a hair dressing shop at Igando area of the state, and narrated that she was able to put up her shop through prostitution. “I did freedom few years back and this what I do to make money for myself, it is really rewarding to me and I am making good profit from it. I now have my saloon at Igando, where I work during the day, and resume at Sharkers in the night.

I charge 8k per night, for the whole night, and 4k for one hour, that’s how I run my package,” she briefed. Recently, it was gathered that some of these prostitutes now have a new way of receiving payments from their customers before agreeing to go out with them. It was gathered that they now make use of Point of Sale (PoS) machines as a way of ensuring that they are neither duped and as a way of sustaining the cashless policy in the country


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