A photo of 2019 campaign poster of proposed joint ticket of former Borno State Governor, Ali Modu Sheriff and the governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Peter Ayodele Fayose has surfaced online.

Though the 2019 Presidential election could be said to be far, at least 3 years from now, but the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP who mulling how seizing power back from the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC is leaving no stone unturned. The party, which had zoned the national chairmanship of the party to the northern part of the country, have also resolved to pick it Presidential candidate from the same zone.

Unfortunately, Ali Modu Sheriff is already tagged and accused as Boko Haram sponsor. Fayose, highly controversial too; ranging from slaping a Chief Judge of his state, stomach infrastructure to Ekiti rigging scandal. How the PDP will convince Nigerians to vote for these guys, i can't still comprehend.

The APC on the other hand, still in the euphoria of victory harped on Change still finding it difficult to convince Nigerians it has actually brought the desired change. The Party, the government have been bedeviled by various challenges that seem insurmountable. Still full of hope, Nigerians are yet to visibly reap from their decision to Change from PDP To APC. 

The only visible achievement of the APC is no doubt the fight against corruption. Though many see it as witchhunt of political opponents. Be it witchhunt or 'wizardhunt' so to say, the big question is that; are the accused innocent?

2019 loading.... let keep our fingers crossed.


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