Justice Umar greets everyone and says 'I think it's about time we proceeded with the matter of the day
Court clerk reads out the case before the tribunal. bukola saraki takes to the accused box.
Justice Umar asks for a seat to be made available for the defendant. That has been quickly provided
Lead prosecution counsel, Rotimi Jacobs reads out the names of other counsels appearing in court with him
6 lawyers are appearing in court for the prosecution
Lead defense counsel, Kanu Agabi now takes his turn to read out names of counsels appearing with him
Raphael Ajibola Oloyede, the lawyer who clashed with Justice Umar is in court. Umar addresses him as 'my very good friend'
Agabi asks Oloyede to bow to the judge and reiterates 'your very good friend'
Agabi: My Lord, when you greeted us all a good morning, it really touched my soul. God bless you and today be good to us'
Kanu Agabi continues reading out the names of counsels appearing with him
Paul Usoro, who has been leading the cross examination for the defense is noticeably absent in court
There is no word yet as to whether Paul Usoro will make an appearance in court or if Agabi will handle the cross examination
Kanu Agabi mispronounces a counsel's name and Justice Umar corrects him. Agabi says : 'My Lord you know these things better
Agabi now launches into a story of how high office holders attract enemies. He makes sure to throw in a few Bible quotes
Agabi: 'We all have enemies. Even Prophet Muhammed had enemies'
Agabi: I have come to court to beg to be allowed to attend to my medical appointment. I have a medical appointment
Agabi: I talked to Rotimi but he didn't say a word
Justice Umar says he wants Agabi to live for a thousand years and says as people age, they require constant medical check up
Justice Umar to Agabi: We will thank things very gently. I won't stress you so as not to aggravate your situation
Justice Umar: We will take it easy on you and treat you very very gently, just like a toddler
Agabi: Thank you my Lord
Umar: calls on lead prosecution counsel to state where we are in court for
Rotimi Jacobs mentions the motion filed by Oluyede on behalf of the defendant and continuation of cross examination of Wetkas
Justice Umar to Agabi: are you aware of motion filled by Oluyede and have you sanctioned it?
Justice Umar to Agabi : you are the lead counsel and your authority binds all counsels under you
Agabi: this is a motion filled on behalf of the defendant
Umar: Do you think it's okay for this motion to be filled without consulting you?
Agabi: I was consulted
Umar: counsels shouldn't be involved in gimmicks. We are ministers here
Agabi: My Lord a court of law is for those in distress. Certainly the possibilities for error in court is possible
Agabi: That is why Judges like you should be very patient
Umar: Do you sanction this motion? Should I put it on record?
Agabi: This motion is the defendant's motion. It is not my motion. That's all I have to say
Umar: so you have sanctioned it?
Agabi: it doesn't require my sanction
Umar : you are sanctioning for the motion to be heard?
Agabi: oh yes
Umar : 'we have observed that some armed security agents are often inside the premises of tribunal
Umar: such security agents with long range rifles will henceforth stay outside the tribunal.
Umar: second, we discovered that some people are using ipads and pics of certain events taking place during trial
Umar: sometimes there are biased reports of what happened in court
Umar : it is unlawful for anyone to take clips of the proceedings
Umar: anyone with the intention of taking clips of certain events during trial should desist from doing so
Umar: if it is the interest of the general public for the trial to be televised, I will grant that request
Umar: that will disabuse the minds of certain members of the public that some people are not being honest
Umar: We are here to do what is right. We don't belong to anybody here
Agabi: God sees the heart and knows that my prayer in this matter is not for victory but for peace & harmony in Nigeria
Agabi: By God's grace, you are in the remarkable position to make that peace the nation needs
Agabi: I have prayed for the spirit of harmony and peace to prevail. There is a price to be paid for that
Agabi: That is why I have urged you not to be angry. Anger is of the devil
Agabi: don't expect not to be troubled. You will be
Agabi: but generations yet to come will adore you if you handle this matter in a humane manner
Agabi: you should be an advocate of peace, My Lord. I beg you
Agabi: Let all these lawyers appearing before you say that Danladi Umar is an apostle of peace & justice
Prosecution: your Lordship will remember that at the beginning, this matter was broadcast live till some people protested
Prosecution : We are interested in the justice of the case and that should be paramount in the mind of everyone
Prosecution: there can be no peace without justice.
Prosecution: the only impediment to further cross examination is Oluyede's motion. It will need to be dealt with first
Prosecution: the motion says there is your Lordship is undergoing investigation by the EFCC and EFCC is involved in this matter
Prosecution: let the defense move their application and we will argue it
Umar: you just heard the lead defense counsel say he wasn't aware of it
Prosecution: My Lord we are aware that the lead defense counsel said he wasn't initially aware of the motion but is now aware
Umar: Let's proceed please
From all indications, it seems the motion filed by Oluyede will be heard first by the court .

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Text Excerpted from Kenny Ola Adebanjo's facebook Post


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