Oluyede : my learned counsel misquoted that decision when he said an investigation is not trial
Umar : what did the judgement say?
Oluyede : it says that from the moment a person is charged, the position of innocent till pronounced guilty
Oluyede : what we are asking is, why is the EFCC holding a sword of damocles over your Lordship?
Oluyede : Why hasn't the EFCC written to the Attorney-General asking for exoneration for Justice Danladi?
Prosecution : defense should state the law and stick to it. Law to law. Oluyede is only re-arguing his case
Umar to Oluyede : is the Attorney-General an investigator?
Oluyede: No
Umar: A letter from the EFCC exonerated the CCT Chairman
Oluyede: unfortunately it didn't. EFCC said 'as at now
Prosecution: My learned friend knew the futility of his application. My Lordship should accept that
Oluyede: I would defend your Lordship anywhere but I am asking why doesn't EFCC clear your Lordship? It is wrong
Umar: it is as a result of this that the HOR invited the Attorney-General by virtue of the Network of Corruption
Oluyede : I am not aware of this but I believe your Lordship
Umar: I appeared before that committee thrice but the petitioners didn't appear
Umar : ordinarily, that should be thrown out but the Chairman of that Committee refused to throw that petition out
Umar: I am just a chairman of that tribunal. I am no body. This position is a responsibility endowed on by God
Umar: God is watching me. I am conscious of the fact that He will take away this position from me if I don't do it right
Umar: Thank God the Attorney-General came with this letter from the EFCC dated March 2015
Umar: and said that by virtue of the content of the letter which are based on suspicions, he is incapacitated to prosecute
Umar: the Attorney-General has the power to decide who to prosecute and how to prosecute. That is the situation of the case
Oluyede : I would have asked that Attorney-General what he has to say that the Judge sat down in private with the defendant
Oluyede : There is something wrong with the EFCC!
Oluyede : all the evidence given in this case are from the EFCC. The same EFCC continues to hold a sword over the judge
Oluyede : this same EFCC. How can we allow that to happen in our country?
Prosecution : this matter is very simple. I urge your Lordship to speak during your rulings
Oluyede: I object
Oluyede : Prosecution has no right to tell the judge how to conduct his ruling. I know why your Lordship is saying wt u are
Oluyede : whether Saraki remains Senate President or not, CCT will continue
Rotimi : My Lord, he is making political statement
Umar: I don't want to repeat what I didn't last week.
Oluyede : I don't want my Lord to repeat it
Umar: I will adjourn this case....
Oluyede : if your Lord doesn't want me to speak

...to be CONTINUES


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