Just at the nation is in the turmoil of nationwide strike to protest the hike in petroleum products, about 3 persons reportedly killed, 40 vehicles burnt in a fresh clash between Yorubas and Igbos traders in Mushin area of Lagos, reports say.

Some armed security men have reportedly intervened to the quell the violence. 

Affected streets are Odushina, by Oloje; Dramola Street, Olapeju, Oshoro, Akinwunmi and Ladipo Market. Residents in the affected areas were said to have fled to avoid being caught in the mayhem. The streets have been deserted as police and men of the OP-MESSA took over. 

An Armoured Personnel Carrier, APC, was cited in one of the streets. A police source said he counted 40 vehicles burnt and several others with broken screens. 

People have taken refuge in their houses as shops were hurriedly shut by their owners who fled to safety. 

The Trouble brewed when one Agunleri, who is the Secretary of one of the market unions allegedly stormed an area where Yoruba traders were selling their wares and began to upturn the wares on the guise that Governor Akinwunmi Ambode was coming to the area for a function and that there was need for the place to be cleaned up. One of the Yoruba traders, a male was said to have challenged him on why he was upturning their wares. He was alleged to have stabbed the Yoruba man in the process. 

A source said other Igbo traders were mobilized to the scene and allegedly attacked the Yoruba populace, burning vehicles and destroying properties. About 15 people were said to have been stabbed and rushed to the hospital for medical attention. An eyewitness confirmed that 3 people have been declared dead at about 8:30pm.

Details soon...


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  2. Please please pleas!!! This is too much for one to bare at this time, many things are going wrong and almost everyone seems to be asleep. The Price for PMS is too high what have resulted in the hike of food price, parents go panicking when they send their wife's to the market, no good job, no road, electricity, no water supply from the government. These are the necessities that government ought to provide for it's citizens. My faith in this Country is fading away. God please help Nigeria.


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