In an experience that portrays the popularly saying, "Once Beaten twice Shy", a former Senate President forced out of office during the tenure of former President Olusegun Obasanjo and member Board of Trustees (BoT) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chief Adolphus Wabara has warned President Muhammadu Buhari to be wary of the ex-President (Obasanjo), else he will ruin his administration, News Punch understands

Wabara in a recent interview with the Daily Sun Newspaper believes that the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has its good and bad sides . While he praised the ongoing war against cor­ruption , he argued that the adminis­tration has not done well in address­ing economic issues. 

The former President of the Senate was of the opinion that the President must be wary of some personalities that swarm around him. One of such people he said, is former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, claiming that the latter would hurt the President if he con­tinues to allow him ample space in his government.

Below is an excerpt from Daily Sun Newspaper related to Obasanjo and Buhari's relationship cum the former's interferences in PDP crisis.

Many also feel that Obasanjo’s hand is seem­ingly in the problem that you are having right now. Some of his men who are fighting are believed to have links with him?

The problem with Obasanjo is he pursues his personal interest all the time and he’s a tactician. We worked together. If you are standing here with Obasanjo, if you look a mile from where you are standing, you will find him there. That is the type of person he is and it takes people like us who really understand him to talk about him. I think we will leave that for another day. He has so many people planted here and there. He has his hands in so many things in his government. But you probably will be lucky to pin him down to them. People are suffering on his behalf, whereas he should have been the per­son facing the music.

Do you regret becoming one of his loyal core men at a point in your political ca­reer?

I wouldn’t want to answer that question now. But I must thank him though for making me what I am. Without him, I wouldn’t have been the Senate President – that’s between myself and my God. He made that possible and I remain eternally grate­ful to him. But it’s his interest first all the time. If I go into that, how I exited and what have you; in fact in your papers, somebody wrote that I was impeached. I was never impeached. I voluntarily resigned to go and face the music. Where I studied, we were usually very rugged and we know that diamonds are not forever. When things like that come, we take the right step.

Obasanjo wanted a third term and he thought he had a willing horse in me but I refused and that is where the whole thing started. Some of his aides now told him that I even wanted to take over his job as the President of the country and stuffs like that. But I don’t want to talk. I leave everything in the hands of God.

If you are to advise Buhari on how to handle somebody like Obasanjo, what would be your advice?

Buhari should be very careful. He should be very wary of Obasanjo be­cause Obasanjo will hurt him. All he is doing around Buhari now is to feel his body language to know whether he has any plans in exposing him. The moment he now finds that some­thing like that is not happening and Buhari becomes a lame President, Obasanjo will hurt him, preparatory for the next President that is coming in because he must be in the Villa to protect himself from going back to prison and what he does is to run down whoever is there at the appro­priate time to paint a picture that he is supporting the incoming so that that one will draw him closer again. By so doing, he is shielded from being thrown back into prison.

Excerpts From Daily Sun Newspaper


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