Rescued Chibok Girl Makes Some Shocking Revelations, Says 6 of Them Have Died
TheCable - Amina Nkeki, the Chibok schoolgirl who was rescued around Sambisa forest on Tuesday, has revealed that six of her colleagues have died in captivity.

The girl, who was reportedly found breast feeding a child, said their captors shielded them from the military.

According to Tunji Olarenwaju, a member of the strategic team of the Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) movement, Nkeki maade the revelations under interrogation.

“She said all of them are still in Sambisa forest, that six were already dead. She added that they are well secured and protected from the Nigerian army. She has been talking to troops at Damboa after verifying her to the Chibok Community at home,” Olanrewaju told TheCable.

Olanrewaju said the chairman of the association of Chibok parents affirmed the identity of the girl.

The news of her release became public exactly 765 days after 276 students were abducted from their school.

While 57 managed to escape, the whereabouts of 217 had been unknown all along.

At some point, some of their parents lost hope, but a proof of life video released by CNN on the second anniversary of their abduction rekindled hope.

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