Police IG, Solomon Arase


I have resolved to draw your attention to the nonchalant and lackadaisical manner at which the force command in Rivers state is handling the reported 5 police officers who was ambushed and abducted by suspected hoodlums along Okujagu waterways in Okrika local government of Rivers state.

These officers as reported were on a routine patrol to the community haven been informed that there was a communal crisis between Okujagu community and Okulu both in Okrika, Rivers state.

This incidence occurred on Wednesday the 25th day of may 2016. Ever since this incidence, all effort to get across to them seems to be abortive. As I write to you sir, the police force on their professionalism has been peddling on speculations and assumptions with nothing to show for it.

Even when intelligent information was rooted to them as regards their whereabouts, they came up with an alibi that they have been ordered not to go to the water ways anymore.

My greatest dismay is that these officers are family men with wives, kids and loved ones who have been traumatized as a result of this awful incidence, and the police led by CP Chris Ezike has become furtive in ensuring that these men regain freedom and return to their loved ones. Despite the known fact that these men have signed to serve their father land in any situation does not mean that their well being should be thrown to the dustbin.

Recalled that these men left their houses on Tuesday morning being the 24th of may with the hope of returning to their loved ones until they met this ugly incidence.

I am using this medium to appeal to all relevant offices, the media houses, and all well meaning Nigerians to use their sense of natural justice and proffer effort to ensure that these men are rescued alive and return to their loved ones.

I pray that this letter will get to the desired office and the IG in his sense of professionalism will intensify the needed effort in ensuring that these men return to their families.

This and only this will reiterate the reposed faith in the Nigeria Police force.


I am Onwuma Emmanuel from Rivers State

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