At Last Saraki, Tinubu RECONCILES, In Secret Alliance Against Buhari's Ex-Military Opportunists
The embattled President of the Senate, Dr. Bukola Saraki has eventually made an overture that may have reconciled him with his ardent political foe and the national leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, News Punch has gathered

Ripples Nigeria's exclusive report this morning suggests the Senate President is reaching out to  Tinubu for reconciliation to stave off what his camp described as “political persecution”.

Tinubu and Saraki have been at loggerheads since the later emerged Senate President in June 2015 contrary to party directives.

The former Kwara state governor went on to inaugurate principal officers of the Upper Chamber in defiance of the party’s guidelines and zoning arrangements, a development that further strained relations between the duo.

Since the developments, Tinubu and Saraki have had a strained political relationship, with the latter alleging severally that his ongoing trial at the Code of Conduct Tribunal(CCT) for alleged false declarations of assets was orchestrated by forces loyal to the former Lagos state governor.

Saraki in veiled manner, but apparently referring to Tinubu recently said his current travails is politically motivated and that the leadership his party , the All Progressives Congress (APC), which has vowed to punish him because of his refusal to support a Muslim/Muslim ticket for the party in the 2015 presidential election is the one stage managing the whole thing.

Prior to 2015 presidential election, Tinubu had aspired to fly a joint ticket with President Muhammadu Buhari, but later backtracked, tipped Prof. Yemi Osinbajo instead, as pressure mounted over the then perceived Muslim-Muslim ticket. Osinbajo was later picked and now the Vice President,

Apparently alarmed by his sustained trial at the CCT as well as likelihood of prosecution, investigations revealed that Saraki reached out some weeks ago to Tinubu.

Saraki is also piqued by his continued ostracisation by the presidential forces, especially Buhari who has kept him at arm’s length.

It was learnt that the Senate President finally succeeded in getting Tinubu’s attention after several failed attempts in that direction.

His camp reportedly told Tinubu that they need to form a political alliance to checkmate the increasing persecution of those who helped to install the current administration.

A source privy to the talks confided: “It was all Saraki’s idea. He came along to point out that President Buhari no longer listens to political forces that made him.

“His camp pointed out that former military men always use the structures and resources of politicians to ride to power only to discard them.”

The source added: “Former President Obasanjo did the same with Atiku. He used and dumped him. President Buhari is trying the same with Tinubu.

“So Saraki made his point to Tinubu’s loyalists, which was well noted. Buhari now hobnobs with Obasanjo, who contributed little to his election.”

The argument, it was gathered, struck a chord with the Tinubu’s camp with sources claiming it is considering several options.

According to the proposed pact by Saraki, our correspondent learnt that the Senate President is asking to be helped to retain his seat.

He is also seeking for technical advice on how to get away from the CCT’s trial.

Tinubu’s case was dismissed after just one appearance in 2011.

The senate president’s camp is asking for advice on how to get the same treatment at the trials, which resumes this week.

More importantly, he is asking for political alliance to checkmate those who have allegedly formed a ring around Buhari and turned him against politicians.

A source from the Saraki’s camp told our correspondent that it is willing to make as many concessions as possible to Tinubu.

“We understand that politics is give-and-take. If we want help in some quarters, we should also be ready to give something in return.

“We have offers to make but we prefer to hear from Asiwaju’s camp because we are the one in dire need at this stage,” he explained.

Source in the Tinubu’s camp confirmed talks were ongoing but said things were still too preliminary for any conclusion to be drawn yet.


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