Danladi Umar,
The Chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal, Danladi Umar, on Tuesday threatened to jail senators attending court sessions in solidarity with Senate President Bukola Saraki and throw them out of the tribunal.

The chairman got angry over ‘rude’ comments from senators and other supporters of Mr. Saraki.

The individuals, seated in the court gallery, had repeatedly asked Rotimi Jacobs, prosecution counsel, to “sit down.”

This immediately infuriated Mr. Umar, who said the Senate President’s supporters’ conduct was becoming unbearable in his court, adding that they should “keep quiet.”

“If I hear anybody ask the counsel to sit down, I will deal with the person and nobody can question me about it. In fact, I will hold the person in contempt and sentence the person to hard labour and nobody will question me.”

The trial of Mr. Saraki for alleged anticipatory and false asset declaration resumed Tuesday (today), after weeks of rescheduling at the instance of prosecution team. The session is currently underway.

The tribunal is hoping to conclude the cross-examination of prosecution witness, Michael Wetkas, this week, counsel in the case said.

The cross-examination began in April, and has prolonged till now, a situation that has angered the prosecution team which has accused the defence of unnecessarily slowing down the trial

Both teams are currently sparring over the significance of questions being asked by the defence.

Paul Usoro, counsel to Mr. Saraki, had been grilling Mr. Wetkas, an EFCC official, for weeks, over evidences he tendered against the top lawmaker before the court.


  1. Oh Lord, we pray unto you to forgive our sins in this country Nigeria,worker and pple of d country are suffering frm many calamity.


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