AbdulRahman Agboola
One Expanded Cliche, By AbdulRahman Agboola

Their first weapon is cajole,
They pretend to stand for justice and equity,
They showcased their intellectual prowess,
Just to dupe the masses,
Just to gain political control to fulfill their desires,
They have two special gifts,
Oratory and Charisma,
They are financially loaded,
They thrives in deceit.

They deceived the people,
They widened the chasm between the haves' and the haves' not,
They ruled the Country without regard for orderliness,
They glued their hearts and minds to the taxpayers money,
They embezzled our resources,
They dried our reserves,
They crippled the economy,
They made our currency valueless.

In their craftiness,
They dropped peanuts in the pockets of their followers,
Stealing in dollars, spending in Naira,
They stole until the economy recession occurred,
Interest rate and lending rates were increased,
The masses suffered deprivations,
Social amenities becomes disaster,
Insecurity here and there,
Masses are dying in hundreds,
No job security,
No food for the downtrodden,
Electricity tariff hiked with no supply of power,
Scope, scope and scope.

They used religion, tribe and ethnicity to divide us,
Our regard for patriotism is gone,
Only affinity for race and parochial interest,
We now live in the fear of unknown,
Tomorrow is not certain,
The future is blinking,
Love for self alone, lust for money,
No plan for the future.

A change of government occurred,
The masses rejoiced,
Hoping for a brighter future,
One year gone down the drain,
The future still blinks,
We still awaits the brighter future,
Security was improving,
Sabotage surfaced again,
Anti-Corruption crusade has a new good approach,
Sabotage surfaced again,
Out of oblivion,
We awaits a new order,
Out of comatose,
We awaits economic boom,
Food security to combat hunger,
Massive agricultural productions to combat unemployment,
Enhanced security to keep our people save.

We need absolute peace,
Peace without violence,
Perfect peace for all, in all communities,
One expanded cliche,
They distracts every government in power,
They control the economy,
They dictates policies for their benefits,
The masses are at their call and beck,
To drop peanuts in their pockets as usual,
To sing their praises,
We regard them as philanthropist,
We regard them as Leaders.

O God, Our God, Our Redeemer, Saviour of the oppressors,
God Almighty, from your Immaculate Mercy and Vineyard,
Help My Country, Help the helpless masses,
Save our soul from the oppression of the oppressors,
Show your Mercy to our ungrateful Nation,
We accept our flaws,
We indulged them for so long,
One expanded cliche,
They mismanaged our resources,
They looted our earnings,
Now we are stranded.

Heaven help those who help themselves,
Arise, arise and arise,
Love,  trust and harmony,
Love among all Nationalities,
Return back to us,
The deserted spirit of patriotism,
The courage to stand united,
The courage of the oppressed,
To resist the antics of those oppressors,
One expanded cliche.

By: Comrade AbdulRahman Agboola
2nd June, 2016


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