'War' Looms As Yoruba Militia Armed Up For Retaliation Against N'Delta Militants Over Attack In Ogun, Lagos:
The recent attacks on Ogun and Lagos State community by militants suspected to me Niger Delta Militants may be assuming a dangerous dimension as Yoruba militia groups are now arming up to retaliate.

A report by Orijo Reporters suggests that the battle line seems drawn while an end to the lingering bloodletting by ethnic militias remains elusive, as the Yoruba groups are now poised to retaliate the recent killings in Ikorodu, Lagos State, believed to have been masterminded by Ijaw militants.

The people of Igbo Olomu, in Ikorodu, were visited with terror by youths, believed to be Ijaw militants recently, killing and maiming residents, with tales of woe trailing their gory operations.

Sequel to the dastardly operations, the Yoruba self determination groups have come together mapped out strategies to confront the masterminds of the nocturnal attacks, force for force, to forestall further killings in the land.

To this effect, a riot act has been read to all pro-Yoruba self determination groups to be on guard while those of them with any affiliation cum alliance with the Ijaw groups, should severe such with immediate effect.

It was gathered that the Yoruba group, under the aegis of Coalition of Oodua Self Determination Groups, COSEG, met in Agbede, at the weekend, to set up a 78-member Peace Commanders, to quell the activities of the militants, believed to be carrying out bunkering operations in the area.

A press statement signed by the COSEG Chairman, Comrade Ifedayo Ogunlana and Secretary, ‎ Rasak Olokooba, fumed at the brutal killings of Yoruba people of Igbo Olomu area, Ikorodu, by the perceived Ijaw militants and described the action as callous

The group said: “It is unheard of and unimaginable too, to see these Ijaw people, who have been carrying out incessant but unperturbed bunkering operations in this area, now moving in, to maim and kill our people. It is not only callous and wicked but also satanic”

COSEG viewed the activities of the perceived Ijaw militants beyond bunkering as it says it was a deliberate attack by the Ijaw to retaliate the support they did not get from Yoruba in the concluded presidential election of 2015.

“We are not unmindful of the main reason why the ijaw people declare war on our people. We are aware that it is their own way to show their anger against our non support for former president Goodluck Jonathan, during the last presidential election. It is because of this singular reason that the ijaws have now resulted to killing our people.

“But we assure the Ijaws that till eternity, they have lost our support and backing. We supported their rise to power but they misused it as they became too drunk with power and finally lost their chance. We have solution to their menace as we are also used to this war of elimination,” the release read..

Inaugurating the Peace Commanders at the meeting, Ogunlana said: “As we unfold our defence strategy ,we call on the peace loving people of Ikorodu and the new Peace Commanders to be watchful and be on the lookout for these criminals who the law enforcement agencies have refused to arrest.

“While we still call on Police to swiftly arrest these Godless Ijaw militants whose hands are soaked with the blood of the innocent Yoruba people, we pray that the blood of these innocent people continue to haunt these shameless Ijaw drunkards whose arrogance have no bounds.”

The groups encouraged the people of Igbo Olomu, Ikorodu area, to stay in their area and continue their normal activities without any fear of intimidation.

” We pray that the soul of the dead rest in perfect peace as we call on the people of Igbo Olomu, Ikorodu, to continue their normal business, stay in their houses and refuse to be intimidated. We must and shall not abandon our houses to these ingrates who cannot get away with the crime they committed until they are duly punished,” he said.


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