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Badagry is a mixed society. As a matter of fact, Badagry is indisputably one of the most friendly and diversified communities in Nigeria. It is a privilege growing up in Badagry where we have a lot of people from different tribes and ethnic groups who are indigenes (not just residents).

We have the opportunities of experiencing the Multi-Cultural life style of the Aladas, Whemes, Whlas, Thevis, Ga/Ewe, Tolis, Whedas etc among the GUNS. While we have the Oyos, Egbas, Egbados, Aworis, Ife people etc who forms the Yoruba cultural heritage of Badagry, also the Tapas, Ilajes, are well represented in Badagry as indigenes.

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Therefore, Badagry is one of the most cultural mixed societies in Nigeria (Thank God for our forbearers’ hospitability spirit).This existing evidence nullifies the wrong and baseless belief that Badagry doesn’t welcome strangers and development, and we must be careful and watchful of the kind of development we want because over the years our communities had suffered neglect due to bitter politics and we are now desperate for development.

As a Sustainable Development Strategist, I have advocated and argued on several occasion that Ikorodu is GROWING and not DEVELOPING and the effect of this wrong growth will be too much to manage at the fullness of time if it is not addressed. I am NOT against new town developments or influx of people to our towns but it must be regulated. The government must be ahead of the growth and the communities must strive to preserve the values and Heritage of the people.

All these values were suspended in Ikorodu and the people are paying direly now all in the name of “we are open to development”. The new Ayangburen tried to restore cultural order by using some of those measures that they once considered, believed and treated as “it is only in Badagry that they still do that” to check the ugly trend but it is too late. The Oba ordered Oro rites but it couldn’t help the situation.
My fellow Badagrians,I understand and share the call for development but we must be careful of growing communities of thugs. 

I have a great concern about the GROWTH not DEVELOPMENT of some of our communities like Aradagun, Toll-Gate Area, Age Mowo, Moasfejo, Morobgo, Seme (Oglogbo, Ashipa & Pengbo) and Magbon. In the name of development and expansion, these communities are becoming “ANYTHING GOES”. Our people should be careful by preserving those VALUES that made us BADAGRY. It is a fact that Development and Globalization always comes with its disadvantages but we must also be equal to the task. 

The people carrying out Ikorodu massacre today are the same people that the resident sees every day and conscious of their operation in the area but for a long time NOBODY consider them wrong or dangerous until they started killing the residents.

Today, we cannot pretend that the trend of social and security events in these above-mentioned Badagry communities deserves to be looked into. Available crime and security data in Badagry suggests these communities are vulnerable, but you dire not raise it, the elites there who are at more risk will call you names like Locals, Primitive, Fetish, Conservative e.t.c. and their community leaders there call it development. 

It is noteworthy and right to commend communities like Ibereko, Badagry Town, Topo, Ilogbo-Eremi and few others; they are on top of the situation. Other communities like Araromi-Ale, Ilado, and Ajara are gradually going out of control (looking at the lawlessness around Madam Grace, 100 Shops Complex thru L.A. School,Iluda, Tande Junction Area) and nobody is seen or heard to be checking this menace all in the name of development.

Development doesn’t mean just the influx of people or businesses but the protection of our heritage values, our future and that of our children (remember our neighboring local government that became tenants in their own lands).

My living experience in Europe revealed that countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and the likes remained the most diversified societies in the world today yet they still protect their heritage values. But Countries like France, Belgium,USA & Co that careless about strange culture all in the name of FREE SOCIETY and CIVILIZATION are paying heavily today with their homeland security. May God console the victims and their families.

Development is coming to Badagry now, are we ready for the effects of development? I call on the Zangans, Oga Ilus, interest groups,Youth organisations and relevant government bodies to be ahead of the situation. Always remember: THERE IS JUST ONE BADAGRY, AND WE MUST PROTECT IT. Thanks for your time.


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