200,000 jobs for Edo State: Realizing The Godwin Obasaki's Dream, Joseph Odok
Nigerians are hardworking people. It takes a little commitment by the government and a little motivation to make most Nigerians realise their goals. The increasing unemployment especially amongst our youths and women is mostly a result of the failures of government and the lack of goodwill of our leaders; especially in the area of instigating the teaming unemployed Nigerians to tap their rich human and natural resources. The greed factor has been a setback in the sustainable stride towards fulfilling the constitutional minimum benchmark of the government's duty of providing for the security and welfare of it's citizenry. Africa's major setback is the culture of waste and inability of government to stimulate growth using our rich human and natural resources.
The major cause of the government's failure to deliver the gains of democracy is the tendency of government to initiate projects for the projection of their primitive spirit of wealth acquisition; to the exclusion of the urgent needs of the people. These selfish projects are often a conduit pipe for extortion and an institutionalized system egoistic extortion from the wealth of the masses. A serious and selfless government can provide jobs for the teaming unemployed Nigerians. Instead of investment on elephant projects, state government should focus more on investing monies that accrue from the federation account and internally generated revenue to revamp the economy and provide jobs for it's citizenry.
Agriculture remain an untapped sector of our economy capable of providing lots of job opportunities for our unemployed Nigerians. If agriculture is taken care of, the economic policies of Godwin Ibaseki's administration can go a long way to provide employment opportunities for Edo peoples. In Edo state, the central Edo is rich in oil palm and grains; the south is rich in rubber; while the central rich in cocoa. These are important cash crops that can provide technical and financial investment capable of boasting the economy and provide jobs. This is besides the rich deposits of crude oil found in Edo state.
Next to Agriculture is the requirement of training citizens and arming them with necessary technical and leadership skills to take advantage of the workforce for industrial growth. The workforce will not only boast industries, but also create direct and indirect jobs.
Edo has enormous potentials in the entertainment industry. The government can create jobs by funding and encouraging performing artist thereby creating jobs
There is also the need for infrastructural development and expansion for rapid growth. A strong infrastructure will not only encourage economy, but will also serve as a catalyst that will open Edo state to swift transfer of goods and services in and outside Edo state, thereby creating jobs.
All the government of Godwin Obaseki is poised to do, is to instill the culture of wealth creation, innovation and entrepreneurship through hard work and dedication with a view to creating a multi resource economy that can lead to the realization of the 200,000 jobs.
In achieving this, the Godwin Obaseki's campaign organization does not hope to rely on paper certificate. While not discouraging formal education, it recognises on a sad note, that most certificates are but frustrating pieces of papers lacking in possibility of assuring our youths of their daily bread. Fortunately, civilized economy does not reduce education to paper certificate; even some African countries like Ghana, Kenya, South Africa etc have shifted from over emphasis on paper certificate with increasing emphasis on technical know how. The Godwin Obaseki's administration is poised to give due attention to technical education in the areas of metal works, wood work, carpentry, hair dressing and barbing, tailoring and fashion designs, mechanical engineering, etc to provide employment opportunities. Tapping into these will help in the realization of 200,000 job creation dream of the Obaseki's campaign organization
Yes we can, the 200,000 job creation dream of the Godwin Obaseki's campaign organization is realizable. APC Edo state has the answer. A prudent spending and selfless commitment towards fulfilling the campaign promises will do the magic. It begins with a dream, once supported by commitment, prudent spending and good planning, the dream is a sure come true.

Joseph Odok (Esq.)
Social Change Agent


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