A Delta Man,  David Ukre's Gay Marriage Abroad That Broke The Internet
Nigerian gay, David Ukre, based in the United States of America, weekend, tied the nuptial nuts with his partner, male lover, Eric Shoen. 

The marriage took place on Saturday in New York and Ukre’s country men graced the occasion.
Ukre is an indigene of Warri, Delta State.

David Ukre Has This To Say After his Secret Marriage Exposed:

"We tried very carefully to make sure this wouldn’t happen. Guests were instructed not to take photos during the ceremony. We were very particular about who was invited. It was a sad added bonus that most of the guests from Nigeria were cancelled just 24 hours before the ceremony.
”On July 30, I married a Nigerian man. Although he is very special to me, he is not famous. He has never done anything to warrant so much media coverage. We had a small ceremony under the leaves of some great old trees on the lawn of an adorable little restaurant. My family and our closest friends joined us.
Our vow exchange was only 30 minutes long. ”What followed was a day of love, laughter, joy, eating, sore feet, and kids running circles around the yard, and family and friends celebrating our day together.
We posted only a few photos to our Facebook pages and asked guests to not post photos or mention our marriage. ” That night, we went out dancing in a club with friends who stayed over.
The next morning, we decided to take some friends with us on the first day of our honeymoon to see Niagara Falls. We were still enjoying every moment of calling each other husband, taking photos, kissing in front of the falls, getting sprayed at the Cave of the Winds, and accepting well wishing texts from family and friends.
”Monday morning, I woke up early to return the rental car that we had used for the weekend. When I returned, my husband was pacing and crying, distraught, pointing to his phone.
Somehow, someone had either sold or given photos from our wedding and first dance to one of Nigeria’s notorious gossip bloggers, who chose to publish them on her blog.
Whether to out David and make a mockery or to somehow use it as advocacy, no one knows. What we do know is that she had no permission from either of us to use our photos or story. My husband calls me “the fixer” for a reason.
I felt like I might be able to fix this before it got out of control. I called my sister who is an attorney for advice. Given that the information was posted on an international site, there was little we could do.
My friends at Google and Blog-spot, and attorneys who are friends of mine gave me the same unfortunate news. Mind you, this is all happening at 6:30 a.m. on a Monday morning.
Friends from all over the USA messaged me as soon as I posted on my Facebook for some assistance. ”I did contact the blogger directly via email and asked that the photos of our wedding, of our trip with my family, photos of our groomsmen, and direct quotes from my Facebook page be removed. I quickly locked down the security on my Facebook, which had been relatively open so that I could use it for advertising and sales.
I never heard back from her. ”At 7:00 a.m. I got a call from my twin brother, who is my best friend: J: Eric, which blog are you talking about? Me: There should only be one. J: It’s already on at least a dozen blogs.
”I had to tell David at this point that there was little I could do. At the same time, his phone and my phone started to heat up with Facebook messages from strangers condemning us for being gay.
His phone started to ring continuously from unknown Nigerian phone numbers. ” I felt lost. I still get a terrible feeling in my stomach just a week and a half later.
I hate being helpless. How could our tiny, personal wedding in Rochester mean so much to hateful people on the other side of the planet that they would find us on the Internet so they could harass us? ” I worked as fast as I could, asking bloggers to remove our photos and mention of us, but only one complied. By the end of the day, more than 150 sites had blogged about us. They were not saying anything overtly mean for the most part.
The comments, on the other hand, mostly mentioned the “end of times,” beheading us if we came to Nigeria, asking God to rain down evil upon us, suggesting that we got anal cancer and die, calling us devils, and threatening us in various other vulgar ways. Some people commented positively, but they were in the minority."

A Delta Man,  David Ukre's Gay Marriage Abroad That Broke The Internet

A Delta Man,  David Ukre's Gay Marriage Abroad That Broke The Internet

A Delta Man,  David Ukre's Gay Marriage Abroad That Broke The Internet

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