Metro UK - More than 17 million voted to leave the EU, but if you asked any of them to explain exactly what Brexit will look like they might struggle.

But we might have a clearer indication of where we will lie – on the world stage at least – once Theresa May heads to China for the G20.

The assembly of the world’s most powerful leaders is the first major summit post-Brexit and will afford the prime minister an opportunity to hold one-on-one meetings with many of them.

The complication of untangling the UK from the EU means we won’t get a clear indication of what our new relationship with the European bloc might look like for some time yet.

But we might at least get some idea of how the PM sees our new role as an independent nation (that is if Brexit definitely does happen)

A number 10 spokesman told Sky: ‘It is a real opportunity for the PM to send a clear message to the world’s largest economies that Britain continues to play a bold, confident and outward looking role, as the UK leaves the EU.’

They added that the PM wants to show the UK remains ‘open for business’ and reiterate her desire for a ‘smooth and orderly departure from the EU and stronger trading relations in the future.’

The Conservative leader will meet with Barack Obama, President Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, amongst others.

With the US’ trade deal with the EU apparently stalled, it might represent an opportunity for the UK to push the case for a future transatlantic agreement of its own.


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