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By now, you must have read the FFK story on Tinubu and his predictions for the APC before 2019. There is no doubt also that the FFK's political savory has went viral on social media and is also being analyzed by many political zions. Truth be told, what do you make of this cry out of FFK at this trying times of the APC in our land? This was a party who rode on the crests and backs of all Nigerians in less than two years ago. Today, the whole political gymsim of APC is in total disarray. 

Are there facts in the FFK brouhaha? Yes there is of course. He predicted very rightly and conscientiously. Tinubu has been decimated no doubt and his control room set on brim fire. For him to have demanded the removal of the APC Chairman shows that he can no longer be pretending of not suffocating under his political strong room.

What is therefore, the sin of Tinubu? Unfortunately, those behind this act were not known politically some years back. Asiwaju brought many of them into politics. You know all of them without a mention of anybody's name. He used his money and good political records to build them into the Nigeria's political arena. Some of them are acting fast to destroy this uncommon political enigma and the political structures he has built for many years. Look round the country today, where has Tinubu not invested in people. You may not like his person or even political style, but the truth is that Tinubu has built his empire everywhere. In the Judiciary, academics, politics, business, corporate world, traditional institutions, media, even religions. His hands are full everywhere. Tinubu has made more people than any others person in this generation. Tinubu is not only rich in people, he is also very rich in good ideas. He is a man bake and made by God for the people of the world. Tinubu has won many battles and lost very few.

Such a person is very difficult to destroy. You can search his forays into the Nigeria's political arena and you will see that Tinubu has covered more grounds than any politicians in history. Tinubu has also had more followers than any other politician in our present political history. The facts are everywhere to judge my assertions. 

If not for Tinubu, where would Nigeria be today. We've all seen how decimated Nigeria was turned into in the last 6 years of a government. Today, those who have the ideas of how best to run a decimated economy are kept off from the ivory power house just because "Baba Buhari" will not trust them. Today, there is no clear way out of our present economic quagmire. Show me one person clearly that can be followed in this Buhari's government without you going hungry? Clearly, nobody. Nobody, except you would die a hungry man.

Let me tell you, without the connection of a brilliant Tinubu, it will be very hard for APC to win elections in the coming Edo, Ondo and even in Ekiti elections. Look at the situation in Ondo State APC. Under that arrangement, it will be very difficult for the likes of AKETI to win an election in the face of politically enigma person called IROKO. APC should just forget. In Ekiti as I write this small note, the APC is in total disarray. No leadership structures in place neither a captain to paddle the affairs of the party. The party boys and girls are in disarray and growing blindly hungry day by day. The JKF boys are virtually crying for help not even a crumble from the minister's table again. Fayemi is all alone in Abuja, while his boys abruptly and awful go to sleep in empty stomachs. What a calamity. That is the stuff the APC Is made off when Tinubu's hands are tied to the poles. 

Tell me who amongst the so called adversaries of Tinubu can still win elections in their domains if elections are to be conducted today. Is it Fashola in Lagos, Ajimobi in Oyo or Amosun in Ogun.  Except Aregbe and Ambode  the rest are just packs of awful politicians. All these people rode to power on the heels of Tinubu and after getting to power suddenly became acclaimed political powers. But like FFK wrote, Tinubu is an enigma and political caterpillar that will always fight back.

 Good day.

Asiwaju Kasali Oluwafemi.


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