Ben Murray Bruce
Senator Ben Murray Bruce, a senator representing Bayelsa State has goofed again over claims that former President Goodluck Jonathan was successful in office because he (Jonathan) did not blame the past leaders for his failures, as checks by News Punch has revealed otherwise. 

Ben Bruce via his social media page said Jonathan praised his predecessors instead of blaming them which was what made him successful. 

 Bruce wrote: 
“Do you know why we were progressing under Jonathan? Because he took responsibility and never blamed anyone for the challenges he met. Go ahead, ask yourself when Goodluck Jonathan ever blamed his predecessors. Instead of blaming them, he praised them. You can’t go forward on reverse gear!”
On the contrary, checks by News Punch revealed that former President Goodluck Jonathan consistently, like his successor, President Muhammadu Buhari blamed past leaders and others for his failures while in office as the President.

In 2012, Jonathan blamed the past leaders for the country underdevelopment. This is evident in an online publication by News Ghana on the June 1st 2012, with the headline 'Jonathan blames past leaders for under-development' 

Also on May 29th 2014, former President Goodluck Jonathan laid blame of the kidnapping of Chibok girls on foreign element. This is evident in British Newspaper, CBS News with the headline, "Nigeria leader blames violence on foreigners" 

On March 30th, the Goodluck Jonathan blamed northern governors over same kidnap of Chibok girls. This was published in CODE WIT WORLD NEWS, with the headline "NIGERIA PRESIDENT JONATHAN EXPLODES! BLAME NORTHERN GOVS, NOT ME FOR BOKO HARAM!

On May 10th 2012, in far away Addis Ababa, Ethiopian capital, same former President Jonathan blamed African leaders for the continent underdevelopment saying they are responsible for much of the conflicts and underdevelopment tearing the continent apart. 

Jonathan who made the indictment while speaking at the World Economic Forum on Africa in Addis Ababa was reacting to questions on challenges of leadership on the continent tabled before him and some other Africa heads of state during a plenary session. 

This is also evident in a publication by AllAfrica, an online news platform, with the Headline "Jonathan Blames African Leaders for Underdevelopment" 

Senator Ben Murray Bruce, the 'Common sense' propounder should often use his common sense to check facts before making claims that ended being fictitious


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