Imperative of DSO toward Nation Building, by Adedayo Osho
Based on international best practice, broadcasting stations are expected to transmit via digital. The gradual departure from stone age of analogue to digital broadcasting is intended to produce clear vision and wider transmission across continents world over.

In Nigeria, the main responsibility to deliver on 'Digital Switch-Over' lies primarily on National Broadcasting Commission NBC. Although sometimes mistaken for Nigerian Bottling Company, itself NBC by acronym - a mistaken identity brought about by similar abbreviation letters, the former under the directorship of Is'haq Modibbo Kawu has been striving tirelessly to achieve DSO before the June 2017 deadline.

One of the chief challenges confronting the commission in prosecution of the DSO campaign according to my unscientific research is lack of effective campaign. Problems faced, among others in a further investigation is that previous campaigns, including present ones, if any, have since been obstructed from consistent airing due to shortage of funds. What transaction changed hands with funds allocated to NBC on sensitisation of the public about Digital Switch-Over DSO during then-president Goodluck Jonathan years in office remain unclear.

Perhaps, chronic corrupt societies, one politically dominated by stock-thieving elites can only produce few men with incorruptible characters. This statement is not intended for collective witch-hunting. It is shameful the immediate-past Emeka Nkem Mba, his predecessor Yomi Bolarinwa or Bayo Atoyebi, were all not up-and-doing on DSO before now in line with NBC's mission for establishment in 1992.

What the shortcomings of those three former Director-Generals of NBC portray for Ishaq Modibblo Kawu is to buckle up on delivery and actualisation of DSO before its stipulated deadline. I learned the Ilorin born journalist is doing a better job at the Commission. It is possible for any individual to perform h/er best if committed to a course.

But in the face of bureaucratic bottleneck and at a time some principals of even ordinary private schools are planning to pad the educational institution's 2017 budget, a trend which snaked into Nigeria's financial lexicon no thanks to the 2016 budget paddling scandal, delivery of DSO under Modibbo Kawu's leadership will serve to encourage the citizenry that there still exist men who can do justice to public fund in Nigeria.

What does DSO implies within the contextual explanation for a layman understanding? Hitherto local radio and television stations in Nigeria transmit via analogue. Making it difficult to view such channels when out of its geographical space and reach. With a transition to digital, it will be easier for one to listen to Radio Gotel from Yola, or conveniently view Ogun State Television OGTV while you reside in Enugu. This of course is made possible with a digital converter box. It is expected that with this box in every household, stations who have fully launched into digital can be connected with.

Advantages of DSO will be too large to paper over in this column. Of its big fish is the baking and production of more enlightened citizenry. People often say knowledge is power, apt informations when disseminated rightly invariably embolden knowledge. Wherever you see a retrogressive society, survey if the inhabitants are well-informed enough.

Access to variety of local channels, the choice of participating, listening or viewing other stations across the country, far beyond one's boundary serve to broaden knowledge since information is vital.

The target year for deadline is 2017, precise June. May God strengthen Ishaq Modibbo Kawu, the Director General of National Broadcasting Commission to deliver on DSO.

Adedayo Osho is a political scientist and freelance writer. Opinions expressed here are solely his. Email: Twitter: @Jahpolitical


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