"Nigerians can overcome current economic difficulties with prayers" - Bukola Saraki during an interview with State House correspondents on Friday 9th September.

Away from that quote, we must rule out two possible scenarios in relationship with his above statement. Doing our best with fervent prayer as progressive citizens on economic revival, how many common man and men, many of us common stragglers on the streets will benefit in the immediate aftermath of an economic prosperity, even if likely birthed during the phase of the Change tenure - 2015 to 2019?

Let's identify one of the potential spoilers of economic recovery on downtrodden in underdeveloped or developing societies, in context.

Basically, they are deprived of all advantages accrued to that gain. Their rightful gains are inherited by highly-connected social class and ruling elites. At the same time, the common man remains stagnant, moving slowly like a snail I saw in the bank of a river, somewhere in Effium, one of the Savannah region of Ebonyi State, Nigeria, while the so-called bigmen - exception of legitimate business owners- flaunt around city in luxurious cars.

Again, if we pray. Praying in addition with fervent fasting, how are Nigerians sure our wealth will be appropriately saved ahead of rainy days? For instance, Angola's foreign reserve, a small African country and Oil producing country, exceeds that of Nigeria. What is most surprising is non-reflection of oil windfall earnings on the lives and standard of living of the common man.

That's obviously not because then-president Goodluck Jonathan piloted a legendary corrupt 'democratic' government, but because 'true federalism' has not take its due departure in Nigeria's political landscape.

There's no other solution to better life in Nigeria than Federalism. Unitarism in guise of federal system as practised since return to democracy in 1999 has shown its weakness to political scientists upon re-election of Olusegun Obasanjo in 2003. Our priority, if placed on political restructuring has the potential to lead Nigerians out of poverty in no time.

- Adedayo Osho is a political scientist. Email: oshoadedayo7@yahoo.com


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