Judiciary Bribe Scandal: Panic In PDP As US, EU Vow To Prevail On FG Revisit Fraudulent Verdicts As Pressure Mounts
The Daily Sun - Coming on the heels of allegation of bribery in the Judiciary, Congress of the United States of America and the European Community (EU) are now under pressure to prevail on the Federal Government to order a review of some past judgments by election petitions tribunals and courts.

A source told Daily Sun that some Nigerians in the US and Canada are mounting pressure on the Congress resolve and ask the Nigerian government to look at judgments from election cases, following allegations of bribery against some judges.

Daily Sun gathered that the groups have already petitioned some committees of the Congress on the need to use a window created by the investigation of allegations of corruption in the Judiciary to cause a review of the cases.

The groups reportedly secured support of two powerful committees in the Congress for the review.

According to the source, lobbyists have also reached out to the US Under Secretary for African Affairs with signed petitions, pressing for an inquest into past judicial decisions, especially those affecting election petitions.

Though it was not disclosed how the US Under Secretary for African Affairs and the Congress committees intend to approach the matter, sources said the petitions have been received with firm promises that they would be acted upon.

It was also gathered that a network of Nigerians in the Diaspora, lobbying for massive purge of the Judiciary also extends to Brussels, in Belgium, where a petition was also handed  to the EU.

A source in Canada said: “There is a growing lobby by Nigerians in Diaspora, mostly from America and Canada, who are working to make sure that the ongoing investigation of corruption in the Judiciary leads to a review of past judgements.

“They want past cases, especially those which had to do with election petitions and how people got elected into offices, reviewed.

“The reason for flooding the US Congress and EU with petitions is because we want a review of fraudulent judgements by our election petitions tribunals and appeal court.

“Nigerians have seen several instances where results of elections that were clearly rigged by politicians were upheld by tribunals and appeal court.

“We thank God this government has summoned courage to look at happenings in the judiciary.

“We want it to be total; we want a review of judgements by tribunals in different states and rulings by appeal courts.

“Such steps have been taken by several countries; it will not be a strange move if it is done in Nigeria.

“If our Judiciary is sanitised, our country will begin to witness development on all fronts.”

Speaking in a telephone chat from North America, another source, who confirmed that the lobbying groups have sent the petition to the EU, said positive responses were gotten.

This development may gladden the heart of  President Muhammadu Buhari, who had, in the past, explained frustration with the Judiciary, especially as it involved his election petitions in the courts in the past.


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