After a poisonous presidential race that feels like it has lasted for eternity, the polls have finally opened!

And although some omens point to an upcoming Donald Trump presidency, it wasn’t the best start to election day for the Republican.

Pictured: A spoof picture showing the Donald Trump lookalike with a woman in the oval office which has been released to celebrate the launch of Alison Jackson's new book¿'Private'. The globally renowned artist Alison Jackson has taken a series of pictures of a spoof Donald Trump celebrating as if he has won the presidential election.

Someone has done a lookalike shoot of President Trump celebrating… and it’s glorious

The obligatory footage of the candidates outside their polling stations featured Trump casting his vote at a school near his home in New York City.
But the public appearance had a very different atmosphere to Trump’s rambunctious rallies – and may even have shaken the businessman’s steadfast confidence in himself.

He climbed out of an SUV to a negative reception, with a chorus of boos and jeers filling the air.

There were some cheers for the divisive billionaire, but they were largely drowned out by protesters who turned out to air vitriol towards Trump.

It’s hardly a surprise, as even though New York is Trump’s home state, Hillary Clinton is expected to win there comfortably.

Watch Video: Crowd boos as Donald Trump arrives to vote


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