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America has done it again. The union that prides itself as the exemplar of free world has elected a controversial candidate who is largely perceived as indecent bigot representing everything that is unpresidential, Donald Trump, and people across the globe fear for what the future holds for the world called superpower America.

Of course, I monitored what transpired right from the word go, and owned up to the fact that I preferred Hilary Clinton, and my opinion of how the election would go, was buoyed up by the American media and polls, but I must say that I began to question my formed opinion when the Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Comey came out that his bureau would reopen investigation of Clinton email saga. No sooner the pronouncement was made than the race became tight, but I saw more than that.

I have carefully perused through history of American presidential elections through information obtained on YouTube and other internet organs from America library, and I found reason why America and Israel must bond for life. They both have in their DNA, the craving from change-from bad to good or from good to bad. So, the ancient history of Jews and Moses with scriptural journey of 40 years speaks volume of aesthetic of American democracy.

After George Walker Bush presidency had brought the America into senseless wars in the middle East all in the pretense of looking for one man, Osama bin Laden groomed and trained by the same America to fight and dislodge Soviet Union from Afghanistan, a situation that dragged the country into terrible recession and job losses, the population united in grief and pain to seek alternative, which was democrat candidate, because the ideological wavelength of the party is known for economic repair and social social engineering. Fortunately, the party presented in 2008, a black candidate who is polished, suave and intelligent. He was coming from the core of the masses; he knew people were yearning for hope, and he became merchant of hope; he knew people were tired of war, he promised to suspend war; he knew America was in trouble with Muslim world, and that the country faced bleak future with terrorism given its carriage in Iraq, Afghanistan and others, and he promised to mend fence with the Muslim world. Barack Obama's message resonated with the people, and became a face of American dream instantly.

Close to eight years of economic rebounding, improved job provision, extermination of the alleged terror merchant, Osama bin Laden, terror attack free, and "human face" of America, the large segment of the population-call them white supremacists, racists or anti-establishment, if you like,  were tired of Democrat; they love Vladimir Putin of Russia who is perceived as the strongman; they were fed up with Obama polished image and gentlemanliness. And the people who were yet to feel the hope Obama promised eight years ago would not want to hear more of patience, and they could not endure Clinton presidency considered to be a continuation of Obama system. So, Trump saw those things, and keyed into the message.

Yes, he is perceived as sexist, bigot, racist and divisive figure, but Trump's message against the establishment and his posture as 'macho man' appeal to the disenchanted population. Besides, his scare mongering rhetoric works, because the affected demographics in the country refused to vote en mass, and before they say jack, Trump has won the electoral college, even if Clinton has won the popular vote. Here come the President-elect Trump.

Those who will be at the receiving end of Trump presidency should accept my sympathy in advance, but one thing must be taken away from this election-man as a social being is unpredictable, and I must say Karl Marx won in his argument when he said the forces of production, mode of production and exchange which configure social structure determine what obtains in the superstructure-theories (electoral polls and media), history, philosophy and politics.

I think the bookmakers have been brought to disrepute in this election, but the people of each country of the world should take their collective destiny into their hands, and elect leaders they deserve; that is the only way the Trump wall could be meaningless, because Americans could not even save themselves from the conspiracy theories of America at the hour of need and I pity the poor countries looking unto America for help.

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