Ayomide Otitoloju
Ayomide Otitoloju
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Our dear Kogi State is in need of urgent rebirth. The people rejoiced and looked forward to a beautiful future when Kogi State was created in 1991. Two decades and half after, all the hopes have disappeared with no sign of a better tomorrow.

The youths roam the streets aimlessly with unemployment reaching unprecedented heights. Unfortunately, most of the youths have found succor in crimes- kidnappings and violent robberies have become a pastime among them, therefore making the once peaceful state one of the most violent in the country.

Commercial activities are hindered as a result of the poor states of roads across the state. And it is commonly agreed that these roads need urgent government attention right now. They include--  Omuo, Ijumu, Omuwo Kabba Express Way and several intra-city roads.

These roads have for a long time been unattended to, thereby putting the life of commuters who pass through them at risk.  

Likewise, other major roads such as Obajana are in very bad condition. However, the Kogi State government has to wake up to its responsibilities and do the needful to stop endangering the life of people it gov  ern. .

  UNPAID SALARIES: The living condition of workers in Kogi is getting worse by the day as the government  has not lived up to its responsibilities as regards workers salaries. Kogi civil servants are suffering right now. As of today the Kogi government is owing   workers  12 months’ salary . The pensioners are not left out of this suffering, for over a year now,  the pensioners in the teaching vocations have not received their stipends.  

  NO HOSPITAL: Up till now, many local government do not have hospitals, imagine in this day and age people have to travel far to get treated.

 I’m using this opportunity to call on the Kogi State Government to expedite actions on these key issues which has direct impact on the mercies.


Ayomide Otitoloju,
President Okun Youth Foundation, Kogi State.


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