Otis Kingsley –Kubeyinje, DJ TIMMY
DJ TIMMY real name, Otis Kingsley –Kubeyinje,  steps into the interview arena gallantly like a soldier just coming from the battle field fulfilled. Charming, youthful and hardworking, his look revealed that beneath his mien is the determination to rule the musical world with his talent! 
Educated enough to read your next question and be prepared for it, yet you can still see the traces of a star in his appearance and metallic voice. Despite the fact that he has just finished performing alongside others at the ‘CHRONICLES OF USHBEBE LIVE SHOW’, otherwise known as ‘USHBEBE’, He smell nice and look radiant.
There was fulfillment written all over his face. He has every reason to be fulfilled. Asides from having performed along sides many artistes of his time, he has just gone to finalized arrangement to  shoot his 3rd musical videos, upon wide acceptability of his  earlier  2 musical  videos that are already airing on TV stations; this is coupled with  having  good reviews  by the music lovers, critics, arts enthusiasts, promoters and  the Media, etc.

Without telling you he combines Disk Jokey (DJ) with being a Hype man and a musician, Otis can easily be notified; Unlike other artistes with weird appearance, Otis who tinted his hair has a great sense of fashion, and   he seems to be so much involved in the musical business, due to his flexibility with all aspects of the show.      

Speaking with our reporters after a long search to track him down due to his tight schedule, meeting him face to face was like a rare golden opportunity. Reason: age is still on his side, his rise to stardom and wide acceptability by his peers and colleagues are rare attributes attached to show biz. And these are the selling points to the readers out there wanting to delve into his musical career history.
The graduate of English Education from the famous Lead City University and second child from five children, he was not shy to say that he was the  only one in the family that took music as a business.
“I started singing from my kindergarten days. To some, I was just a noisemaker, but my parents saw the potentials that I could talk in me, and encouraged me to speak out. They never knew I would turned to be a singer!
‘Initially, I was just doing free shows and perfecting my acts and by the time I know it, I stared making money from it and the rest is story, as people would say. This is a lesson for many to learn from. Trying your hands on trade can make you perfect. Don’t wait until you want to appear on stages to start equipping yourself professionally”.
Otis  is also a  hype man. And it is noted that a hype man in hip hop music and rapping, is a backup rapper and/or singer who supports the primary rappers with exclamations and interjections, and who attempts to increase the audience's excitement with call-and-response chants.
A look at Otis and the way he added pep to the interview session  gave him away as someone with lots of potentials that could pave way for him and more others in the musical world globally.
Folks see his parents as being influential and wealthy, a way of telling the  Lagos born  star with official handle : @Baddestdjtimmy, of why going into music which was widely seen before now as being a  relief for  only drop-outs; to this ,  he says, “ That my parents are highly influential should not be seen as an antidote to kill my talent. Yes, it is no longer a secret that my Parents like any other educated ones out there didn’t want me to go into music early in my life , but they later gave me their  full support when they learnt that I was  ready to  go to the University to earn a Degree.  I am well read and this is one of the attributes that will make me go higher in my chosen career.”

Otis whose family name is the popular Kingsley-Kubeyinje, said with lots of pride and happiness written on his face, that he will use talent to promote the Legendary family name and uphold the honour and trust embedded in the family tradition and not to do what will make the family regret supporting his most cherished career.

You must have been really proud of your surname?, the reporters asked him while showing us some past evidence of his stage acts as well as some of the memorabilia of touring both local and international scenes to ply his musical trade.

“Yes, I am proud of my heritage and will do anything to keep the flag flying. I don’t smoke, I don’t womanise, and I believe in the ways of the Lord”.

 Continuing, Otis who hopes to work harder in order to see him  discovering and grooming younger acts in the next five years, retorted that  he believe that  the sky is big enough for the birds to fly without one hindering each other’s progress.

“I believe in collaboration. We need to work with each other in order to keep the musical industry growing. And I believe that there are many people out there with lots of potentials, we need to discover them and see how we can let their dreams become a reality. Asides from this, the existing artistes can do collaborations, which to me is another way of promoting unity and talent.

  Otis is currently doing his one year Youth service in Lagos and has been a DJ for over 10 years, and this is asides from doubling as a Hype man and a producer.

   “Music is so dear to me that I see it as my own umbrella to quench the sun when its sunny, and also as a water to drink when I am really thirsty.

“My most successful job so far is called ‘RESPECK ON MY NAME’ where I was featured by a  Nigerian rap Star, Yung6ix. I happened to be Yung6ix official DJ and hype man. This has enabled me to go on many tours where I have met many superstars both locally and internationally”.

 Basking on the joy of having passion for music , the sort of passion that gladdens his heart and has made him popular, he wants to capitalise on the vibes and energy that other DJs’ do not have to outshine others in the competitive industry.

 A son of a Journalist turned educationist, Otis has active followers on the social Media, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. He is using to boost his career. His new album comes out anytime from now.

” My current works are compilations pf my albums and I also want to release my new album any moment from now. The video shooting will almost be done immediately after that. The icing on the cake is that I featured key prominent acts in the   industry, such the Legendary, Terry d Rapman on 1st side;   and 2nd side has   the duo of Yung6ix and Lk kuddy respectively. In the compilation are also Dremo and Praiz”.

   DJ Timmy is ready to shake the world positively with beautiful lyrics and drumbeats that can make a meaning to the listeners, his fans and the general populace. With a strong educational foundation and lots of experienced gathered, the sky will definitely be the beginning.


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