Stephen Nyitse BANNISHED From Tiv Kingdom
News Punch among other online media platform yesterday reported that a certain man, Stephen Nyitse caused stir after he sat on the throne of the about to be coronated Tor Tiv, Prof. James Ayatse, the man has been banished in accordance with Tiv tradition.

He was immediately banished from Tiv land by The Tiv Traditional Council, for the butchery of the consecrated Tor Tiv Stool.

The strange action shocked king makers and important dignitaries who were in attendance at the coronation ceremony. He was immediately whisked off by security personnel for interrogation while the Pentecostal fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, president in Benue, Bishop Mike Agou, led other men of God to anoint and rededicate the Stool.

Stephen Nyitse BANNISHED From Tiv KingdomAfter the coronation, the traditional council went into emergency session over the matter and unanimously agree on banishment as punitive measure act and deterrent.

Tor Kwande, HRH Chief Ambrose Pinne Iyortyer who announced the banishment on behalf of the Tiv Traditional Council said the punishment is with immediate effect.

And that Mr. Stephen Nyitse shall under no circumstances step his foot on any part of Tiv land any where in the world. In the statement, the TTC prohibited all sons and daughters of Tiv race to offering any form of assistance to the banished former son of Tiv, Mr.Stephen Nyitse.

The Tiv Traditional Council, TTC, in the statement has, in strong incontrovertible terms, condemned the behavior and asked the Tiv race to rise up in condemnation of such act and as well desist from all other forms of vices to make Tiv nation great again.


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