Dr. Paul. I. Udensi

 Dr. Paul. I. Udensi
The wind of change is blowing everywhere in whole world, the citizenry agitating for social change, change from one system or position to another, one method to another. They are agitating for change from lower to higher gear. The Oxford Advanced Learner Dictionary says change is to take somebody or something different. To change from A to B. To pass from one state or form into another. To change position or direction and start having another. It is to replace something, person or service with something new or different. To change is to remove the soiled dirty sheet on the bed with a clean one for comfort. It means to change ways in order to live or behave in a different way from what we use to see and have. “Therefore change is all about different result in situation, place or an experience from what is usual to something interesting, enjoyable etc.

Change is simply a reversal of attitude from bad to good, change is a process of replacing something with something new or normal. Therefore whatsoever or whosoever rejects change is the architect of decay and enemy of progress, only cemetery rejects change and the only thing that cannot change in life is change. So when people are crying for change, it simply means they are tired of the existing system, government or people in position of power. It means that the policies of the past of the existing government is not working for them. It means that the members of the National Assembly is not representing them well. It means the money meant for infrastructure like water, power supplies, transportation, building of roads and houses are being diverted. It means they are tired of passing budgets that are not implemented. It means they are tired of insurgencies, recession, unemployment and nonpayment of salaries. Tired of political promises that can never be fulfilled.     

The purpose of every crises and financial challenges in our dear country is to change our behavior and our attitude towards governance. For a change to occur we need a government that is accountable. Accountability does not stop at reporting of activities to people who have the right to ask for accounts to be rendered. In scope, it extends to performance, evaluation and rewarding to the people in power. Until we change our thought line and have a good vision and policies in place, we can never get it right until we say no more free government money, until we say no more subsidy scan, until our president implement his change agenda accurately. Until every Nigerian embrace the principles of change, we will never have the benefit of true change. President Buhari once said the change we are looking for begins there inside of us. I will also want to use this media to advice President Buhari to do everything he can to effect the change we are expecting to see, remembering he rode to the corridor of power on the platform of change. I love Nigeria, I love Africa, what about you.

Udensi is an Anti-corruption Activist.


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