ayo adebanjo and bola tinubu
Chief Ayo Adebanjo is no doubt a prominent statesman and one of the leading voices in the South West region has claimed the National leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu was made what he is today by his efforts with God's help.

He, however, lambasted the All Progressives Congress, APC Chairman Lagos State, over the statement credited to him that he (Ayo Adebanjo) imposed former Lagos State deputy Governor, Buknor Akerele on Tinubu in 1999.

Chief Adebanjo in a recent interview with The Sun Newspaper, bore his mind on several issues of national interest. As a known clamourer of Nigeria restructuring, he said until the country is restructured, the country unity is under threat.

He further stated that anyone planning for 2019 election without restructuring Nigeria is wasting his time.

On how he made Tinubu, the Sun Newspaper quoted Chief Adebanjo to have said:

"Where was Ajomale when we were running the party? Nobody imposed anybody."
"Akerele was with us then in the NADECO. Tinubu was abroad. We were the people facing the fire at home. When they said I imposed Akerele, they should say I imposed Tinubu too."
"I do not know Ajomale all this time. Ajomale is a creation of Tinubu. And Tinubu is my own creation by the grace of God. I signed his papers. We conducted the primaries under which he became the governor. If I was partisan, Tinubu would not have been governor. But he won a primary election which we set up which was disputed by the chairman of Lagos AD."
On the emergence of Akere as Tinubu's Deputy, he said:
"When Tinubu won the primaries, he wanted another person and we said no. It was not a question of imposing, but rewarding people who worked for the party. By the time we elected Tinubu, where was Ajomale in those days? What position was he holding in any branch of the Alliance For Democracy (AD)? So, because he has become a stooge of Tinubu now, he can be talking nonsense. They should beware when they cast aspersion on their seniors. Tinubu would not even say what he said."

Read full interview from The Sun


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