Oba Akran of Badagry and Oba of Lagos, Rilwanu Akiolu
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Contrary to claim from quarters, who do not know history or being economical with the truth and fact that Badagry kingdom was, and is, controlled by the Oba of Lagos: a historian and the Publisher of CityMood Magazine, Mr. Abolaji Sewhude Akande has outlined 5 historical facts that depict otherwise.

Below are the facts:

1. Oba Akinsemoyin,  Oba Adele and Oba Akitoye of Lagos took refuge in Badagry in 1725, 1820 and 1845 respectively. How could they have possibly taken refuge in an area controlled by their competitors on the throne?

2. Badagry has some of the most ancient thrones in the whole of Lagos State. Thrones such as the Akran of Badagry, Alapa of Apa, Onilogbo of Ilogbo-Eremi amongst others which pre-date the monarchy in Lagos Island.

3. The Akran title was established in 1560 while Prince Ado was crowned the first king of Lagos Island in 1630

4. Lagos did not have any influence or lordship over Badagry. In fact, Badagry's fine monarchy influenced things in Lagos, after Lagos kings who took refuge in Badagry along with Badagry elites who accompanied them back, such as the Suenu of Lagos introduced the White Cap (Kremes) to Lagos chiefs along with other cultural rites. Have you not wondered the meaning of Kremes in Yoruba or even Benin? It has none - it's indigenous to the people of Badagry.

5. Badagry ceded its territory to the British and not to the Lagos monarchy. For ease of administration, the British annexed Badagry into Lagos Colony in 1863 without subjugating its people or monarchy to the Oba of Lagos. As it will be easier for them to administer the hinterland from there.

- Abolaji Sewhude Akande is the Publisher, CityMood Magazine


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