Austin Usman okai
The refusal of kogi government to release ‎PDP national youth frontiers national coordinator,Comrade Austin Usman okai over baseless allegations to keep him behind bar without trial and the need to remind the umbrella body PDP of the anomaly and action

A statement in ‎Abuja today by the media adviser to the detained PDP national youths frontiers,Umar Rano urged the party to swing into action on the glaring illegalities been carried by kogi government and it's agents over the refusal to release the social crusader from the den of governor yahaya bello 

He said the ‎decision to keep comrade Austin okai behind bar negates the basis of the operation of human rights commission and activist along with sheer abuses of fundamental human rights of individuals and groups

According to Rano,the lackadaisical attitude of the top echelon of PDP after issuing a press release negates the tenets of opposition elements urging the party to match words with action by instituting a legal action to grant freedom‎ to the incarcerated activist or charge him to court

For 16 days,the social blogger,comrade Austin okai was hauled into the hands of security agents in lokoja on the instruction of kogi governor hence trapping on the freedom of free speech and expression in nigeria and kogi in particular

Rano reminded the party of the brutal and deadly instinct kogi governor has been displaying especially towards those perceived as opposing his inhuman policies and also to gag the opposition parties especially the PDP


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