Bukola Saraki
The President of the Senate, Dr. Abubakar Saraki, has vowed to resign if the 2017 Budget of the National Assembly does not come with a lineby- line outline.

Saraki stated his position on his Twitter handle.

He tweeted: “The line by line of the National Assembly budget, a key part of the #opennass is a done deal. Will be laid with 2017 budget.”

The National Assembly has come under pressure over its failure to, like other arms and agencies of government, reveal the details of its Budget.

Though the National Assembly said it has been doing this in the last five years or thereabouts, Nigerians are not convinced about the claim.

It was in this regard that some followers of Saraki raised the issue on his Twitter handle.

But Saraki said the details for the 2017 Budget of the National Assembly is a done deal.

Answering another question on the threat to resign, Saraki said it would not come to that.

He tweeted: “Resignation won’t be necessary. #Opennass is a done deal. You can start counting down. Electronic record of attendance also on the way.”


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