Austin Okai
Concerned ‎Igala indigenes in nigeria and the diaspora has petitioned the National Judicial Council to look into the activities of the judicial officers in kogi under the watch of kogi CJ and others already infiltrated by the state government to perpetrate it's illegal activities and clampdown on the social crusader Austin usman okai under the pretext of state courts still on easter break 

Comrade Austin usman okai has been behind bars in connivance with the police high command both in Abuja and lokoja along with the instructions of the kogi state governor,Alhaji yahaya Bello

Ikoojo  Idakwo who spoke with newsmen on behalf of the concerned igala indigenes drew the attention of the dangerous trend and part the governor has operated since its inception in the last 16 months,saying judicial officers has a timetable of recess which usually fall to a particular time of the year and not now‎ and the excuse of easter vacation is as a result of undue influence from the state government to keep Austin Okai permanently out of sight

‎Ikoojo Idakwo expressed regrets on the happenings in the confluence state were the executive has overwhelmed and taking over the activities of both the legislative and judicial arms of the state through any means possible

He urged the NJC to call the state chief judge or any other officer acting in its capacity to demonstrate the independence of the ‎judiciary and stop forthwith carrying out its activities under the tutelage and influence of the kogi governor as it is obtainable now

Idakwo accused top government functionaries of kogi government of insisting on taking their pound of flesh against the social crusader Austin Okai who was against non payment of salaries to kogi workers and pensioners as well as endless screening and verification of workers status

He stated that no amount of vendetta,punishment,‎revenge against comrade okai will deter people's agitation but will rather produce multiple and uncountable people in that category to fight for the good cause of ordinary kogites whose funds are daily been carted away through corrupt tendencies 


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