Senator Andy Uba
Reverend Ifeanyi Eze, the principal of Union Secondary School Awkunanaw, Enugu, formerly known as Boys High School Awkunanaw has said Senator Andy Uba, indeed passed out from the school.

The School Principal, Reverend Ifeanyi made this disclosure in an interview with

The Senator, who is representing Anambra South and a foremost governorship aspirant of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC had recently been enmeshed in his Secondary School certificate forgery allegation. 

The accuser, Victor Uwajeh, a private investigator, alleged that Senator Uba defaulted in paying his fees (which supposedly come up to £1.9 million).  He has come to claim, ostensibly in response to the defaulted fees, that Senator Uba among the documents provided to him as the attorney are Senator Uba’s school certificates which he found to be counterfeit. 

Senator Uba has maintained the position that he has nothing to hide and that he is the unfortunate victim of blackmail from the accuser in question. As such it, is left to ascertain the truth. 

However, Reverend Ifeanyi maintained that Senator Emmanuel Nnamdi Uba is an authentic graduate of the Secondary School

Below is the excerpt of the interview as culled from

Is this Union Secondary School or Boys High School Awkunanaw?
This is Union Secondary School Awkunanaw formerly known as Boys High School Awkunanaw. Any record with both names is valid.

Are you aware of the certificate scandal against Sen Andy Uba and the claim by Victor Uwajeh that Sen Uba´s result from Union High School is fake?

I am fully aware of the certificate scandal and I have read in the news and social media that he has certificate bearing two names. The name of the school was formerly Union Secondary school but was changed immediately after the war to Boys High School Awkunanaw, Enugu. It was later changed back to Union Secondary school when churches were given back the permission to own and run schools.

Did Sen. Andy Uba attend this school?
I speak authoritatively that according to history, when Sen Andy Uba was here as a student, the former Senate President, Sen. Ken Nnamami was the Senior Prefect. There are evidence that he was a student of this school.  He was here with the likes of Sen. Gilbert Nnaji and only him has the original certificate. Please use this medium to inform him that we need to feel his impact as an old boy of this school. This great school produced Sen. Ken Nnamani, Sen. Andy Uba, General Ndiefo and many other prominent Nigerians.

Did anyone approach you for Sen Uba´s record?
Yes some people came to ask for his records but I refused to give it out because it is unethical and against the law.  They promised me huge money but I said over my dead body. I can´t give out his record. The only person that has the sole right to get the record is Sen. Andy Uba himself. If anyone wants his record they should go to WAEC. If I issue any record without his knowledge it is a crime.
I have known the Uba family for long, I was very close to their late mother while serving as a Parish Priest. Their mother loved me so much that she willed a car to me like a son. I know Sen. Andy Uba as a quiet man though we were not close and I am sure he doesn´t know me either. His late mother was a good woman.

What do you know about Sen. Andy?
Andy is my old boy, I will not disown him because he has not visited his alma matter. Let the world know that all information in the media about his certificate and other record was not gotten from Union Secondary school. No human has his record accept he himself.


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