Austin Okai
The arrested social critic and blogger, Austin Okai has regained his freedom after his arrest by the men of the Nigerian Secret Police, the DSS.

His arrest was said to be instigated by the Kogi State Governor, Mr. Yahaya Bello over some alleged inflammatory posts on the social media.

However, Austin Okai was denied bail for weeks despite fulfilling all conditions. he was eventually released yesterday evening, News Punch learned reliably.

On his release, the popular media blogger, social crusader, PDP youths frontiers coordinator, and human right activist, Comrade Austin Usman okai praised‎ all Nigerians  for their unalloyed support during his detention and subsequently charged to court  for defending and standing for the people's right by the kogi government

A statement signed by his media aide on behalf of the activist,Ekundayo Adigun assured the people of kogi state and beyond that he will fight up till the last pint of his blood on the side of the denied massess and remain the protector of their rights and entitlements

Ekundayo Adigun reiterated that the basic ingredients and tenets of democracy is to protect the rights of its citizens through provision of basic social amenities,  infrastructure and  ‎deployment of social contract between the people and the government through fulfilling it's obligations by prompt payment of workers salaries and pensioners entitlements

Adigun reassured Nigerians pa‎rticularly the people of kogi state that the struggle for a virile leadership and people oriented program  has just begun in line with the beliefs of our fathers and fore fathers who saw the need to wrestle power from the colonial masters and the military junta in the lat 18 years to pave way for democratic governance been misapplied by some disgruntled elements and opportunists at all levels of our political offices having scuttled their ways bereft of the people's mandate

He said the incarceration and release of the peoples comrade is the greatest sacrifice deservedly adopted and a testament of how governance through the people's consent were been trampled by people with tendencies of maligning the same hands that feeds them through  any means possible,promising to continue to be a stumbling block no matter how hiighly placed and whose ox is gored

The media aide said,the ‎people's comrade will not be cajoled or intimidated into mellowing down as long as the process of governance is abused through sharp practices and other misdemeanour,saying the only point of convergence between him and people saddled with authority is to be prepared to operate on the principle of transparency,probity and accountability as a public officer

Dayo thanked the political class,media, civil society groups,human right activists,international communities for intervening and recognising ‎his efforts towards liberating Nigerians and kogites in particular to attract sanity to the performance of government in the state


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