Buhari Treats Me Like His Son - Osinabjo
Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo, has said President Muhammadu Buhari treats him like his son.

According to his media aide, Laolu Akande, Osinbajo said this at the palace of the Emir of Katsina, His Royal Highness Alhaji Abdulmumin Usman, on Thursday.

“I feel very much at home in Katsina. Moreso because this is the State of the President who has taken me as a brother; in fact the President has taken me as a son in the way he treats me,” Osinbajo said.

“The amount of responsibilities President Buhari has given me shows he seriously believes we can live together as brothers”

“I pray the Lord will preserve our President to continue to lead as the nation has voted him to do. He seriously believes in Nigeria unity”

Buhari handed over to Osinbajo last Sunday, before travelling to the UK for further medical check-ups.


  1. Let us pray that Yemi Osinbajo (Osi) does not turn into another Awolowo - agent of 'one Nigeria' by force. (Osi said that 'Nigeria does not need any restructuring at all').

    Lets examine striking congruent facts between Awo and Osi: Both born in early March. Both from Ikenne. Both families (Awo / Osinbajo) were 'pillars' of Our Saviour's Anglican Church, Ikenne (though Awo was also said to be in Freemason / Ogboni). Awo was matchmaker for Osi's Mum and Dad. The day Yemi Osi was born (at Creek Hospital, next to Awo's house in Apapa), Awo was one of the first persons to carry the baby and '"pray" for him at birth. Both Awo and Osi became lawyers and SANs. Both very close to their wives. Osi's wife Dolapo is Awo's granddaughter. Traditionally, they were not supposed to marry (being cousins) but Awo over-ruled and gave his blessings, 15 years before the wedding. TODAY, OSI ALWAYS WEARS AN 'AWO CAP'.

    Awo at age 57, was appointed Vice President of Federal Executive Council under Gowon; it was Awo that helped to 'package' the Biafran genocide. Osi at age 57 was also selected as VP to Buhari; he helped to 'package' and sell APC and Buhari to Christians and moderates. Awo was Gowon's 'father'; Osi is Buhari's 'son'.

    PRAYER: May God deliver Oluyemi Oluleke Osinbajo from demonic manipulations of the ''Awo Spirit'. May he not fall into the same role Awo played 50 years ago - joining Hausa-Fulani cabal to fight Igbos and creating more generational curses for innocent Nigerians. May he realise that his ambition is not worth the blood of any Biafran, any Christian or any human being. IJMN! Amen!


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