Protest Rocks Iwo, Protesters Want Deposed Oludokun Ostracized Over Insubordination To Oluwo
Iwo town yesterday witnessed a patriotic frenzy for Oluwo of Iwo, HRM Oba Abdul-Rasheed Adewale Akanbi as the sons, daughters, and residents of Iwo came out in hundreds to express their grievances against the embattled Mr. Biola Ogundokun who resorted to baseless allegations against Oluwo after he was stripped off of his chieftaincy titles.

The concerned people of Iwo staged the protest to condemn what they regard as the uncultured disposition of Mr. Biola Ogundokun towards the revered Oluwo following the dethronement of all chieftaincy titles 

The protesters held placards with inscriptions such as “an enemy of Telu is enemy of Iwo”, “Mr. Ogundokun, stay off Iwo or incur the wrath of youth”, “Oluwo is a blessing to the entire black race”, “Iwoland youths are proud of Oba Telu”, “We can never dignify someone who beat his mother”, “ Oluwo deserves respect from everyone” , “E je ka fi ote sile” and many others.

The protesters unanimously warned Mr. Ogundokun to stay away from discussing Oluwo or incur the wrath of Iwo indigenes.

Addressing the press during the peaceful protest, the chairman of Reformer Vanguard in Iwo, Comrade Kayode Tajudeen Ajayi said he is perturbed by the utterances of Mr. Biola Oundokun against the Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdul-Rasheed Adewale Akanbi. He added Oluwo is an unrepentant man that should be penalized with all machineries. According to him, “I was one of those who challenged him then. He sued me to court with a fine of #10 million through lawyer Tewo. I was later rescued by concerned Iwolites. The youths are pleased with Oluwo for his progressive agendum.

Comrade Kayode described Oluwo as a committed monarch who compromise his policies for the interest of his people. He faulted those hiding under Oluwo hospitality to insubordinate the crown as products of divided home. Oluwo preaches unity and peace part of which was why he brought Ogundokun closer. People warned Oluwo then but his desire for unity insisted. Now, Oluwo is bringing back the loss glory of Iwo. To our dismay, Mr. Ogundokun is barking condemning and blackmailing Oluwo of unfounded allegations. We are protesting for our future not because of Oluwo. Oluwo is a father with unmatched passion for youth development. Why should someone now come to distract Oluwo from his action plans for Iwo?

Comrade Ariyo Sulaiman Ola popularly called Ola Ariyo described Mr. Ogundokun public utterances against Oluwo as embarrassing and immature, saying Oba Akanbi has the right to install and de-robe any chief of titles. He said the decision for the removal of Mr. Ogundokun was the best for the interest of Iwo. He was quoted saying “It is regrettable that after his dethronement, he went to radio stations and bought newspaper pages with baseless and immature allegations of a person of his age (Ogundokun). He added the protest is to vomit their disapproval of Ogundokun allegations against our competent monarch (Oba Akanbi)”.

Comrade Fatai Agoro lambasted Ogundokun as a useless being to Iwo despite been aged and we, the youth can never open our eyes for someone like Mr. Ogundokun to discredit our capable king. He said Oluwo is the father of all in Iwo irrespective of age and status and should be respected for his unprecedented vision for Iwoland. He described Ogundokun as a usual jug breaker in contending with monarchs. He beseeched Oluwo to permit indigenes to fight the oral war with Ogundokun for him to evaluate he is worthless. He added Ogundokun need to be curbed this time. He did the same to the two former Oluwo. He has forgotten this present Oluwo is unique. May be we need to them with our protest. Oluwo is our image and is representing us competently. He has many visions and we can`t tolerate any distraction from anybody, irrespective of status”.

“Those disturbing Oluwo are political humbugs, jetsams, never do well and community robbers. They never had any good intention for Iwo. If they have, they should calculate their age and point to what they have done. A fool at 82. These people are old and should never be allowed to rot our generation. We learned that was how he started his life. He implicated Lawyer. Atanda who would have been the first governor from Iwo in the defunct Oyo state. He fought the late Oba Abimbola and Oba Tadese till death. He now wanted to transfer his trait to Oba Akanbi. Never, the youth will not permit it, we are even ready to sacrifice whatever it takes” said Agoro.

Alhaji Taofeeq Amobi said Ogundokun is a shameless man of no value. He lamented Ogundokun as an enemy of the youth and Iwo in general. According to him, Ogundokun is Iwo robber for years who was given chieftaincy titles to redeem him. But our dismay, he is unrepentant, deceptively growing more wings. We are happy with Oba Akanbi clipping those wings. We are demonstrating to register our dissatisfaction against Ogundokun statements and tell people our stand. Ogundokun is an irredeemable man. He has no wife at home for years till date. He is waving out gradually.

“Ogundokun is a wicked man whose joy is to implicate the sons and daughters of Iwo. I have witnessed many planned cases of stage-managing the downfall of Iwo indigenes. I could remember a day his vehicle killed a goat in Iwo. He packed and paid the goat owner. After few weeks, he came back and requested for the goat meat. Those who shared the meat contributed and he collected his money back. That is Ogundokun for you. He also beat his mother mercilessly in the public. He equally implicate his vehicle engineer, Ayinde and sent him to prison like his furniture and tailor. He incarcerated all of them in Ilesha prison. Help us tell him, no one will bury him if he die”.

Prince Musibau Semiu Ademola tagged Ogundokun an unfit man to be an indigene of Iwo for his childish, immature claims against Oluwo. He said Ogundokun is a curse to Iwoland known for long and well established in the lyric of our fathers and mothers as “ Sangba fo nisale oba, Ogundokun gbowo titi je”. He disclosed Ogundokun is known for fighting kings and this will be the last for him. He did it for the late Abimbola and Tadese. We love our monarch for his visions and missions for Iwo.


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