Abiola Ogundokun
Mr. Ogundokun is known for insurbodinating the power that be, mostly the crown of Yorubaland, Iwo inclusive. Our tradition, moral and culture reserve revered respect for the crown. But a son of no history, a product of divided home will be and acted as one. Ogundokun, in his infamous hooliganism and insubordinations, publicly assaulted and harassed the last two former Oluwos of Iwo, the Late Oba Abimbola and Late Oba Asiru Olatunbosun Tadese. 

The late monarch cursed him “The next Oluwo would be young man, he will disgraced and reduced you to nothing”. Who knows? But the current scenario is an indication of answered cursed. The title of Otun Balogun conferred on Ogundokun was revoked by the Late Oba Asiru Tadese and reinforced by the incumbent Oluwo by striping him of all his titles, both traditional and religious because his mouth, leg, hear etc. are inimical to the progress of Iwo, Yoruba race and Nigeria entirely.

Ogundokun is infamous for his orchestrations, not only to an ordinary man but also to the stool. He is known stage-managing the relegation of humanity. No single promotion of human race can be attributed to him. He behaves as if he were God. The perishing attribute pushed him to his superior and finally met his waterloo.

“Ogundokun is too old to know that not all palm trees can be climbed by a hoop and not all rivers can be crossed by canoe”.

Mr. Ogundokun is a mere subject of Oluwo like many others. He is a rejected son of Iwo by all and sundry. A progressive socio-elite group of Iwo sons and daughters of 15 members (Iwo Board of Trustees) was constituted. Ogundokun for years was never a member. Despite deluge of warnings to Oluwo by meaningful sons to stay off Ogundokun, Oba Akanbi insisted he loves redeeming the black sheep. Oluwo vowed to intimate Ogundokun with the progress of Iwo and probably turn him a new leaf. Oluwo foisted him (Ogundokun) on IBOT as member. Other IBOT members silently murmured , accepted in respect to the crown and stylishly managing the smelling Ogundokun. After a while, IBOT was to elect their executives. The jug breaker, a two-legged parasite as tagged by the Laubel Naureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka thought as usual to influenced and undemocratically forced an unopposed secretary on a learned IBOT. Oluwo frowned, insisted the conventional system of election must be respected. Ogundokun said no “My candidate for secretary must be unopposed without election, otherwise I will fight you”. Oluwo directed IBOT to conduct election. And from the moment, Ogundokun thought it is business as usual. Oluwo called Ogundokun on phone three times but didn’t respond. What is a snail to an elephant? He presumed to have a free ride as usual and publicly declared an open war against Oluwo “Ija ti bere niye o”. That was the similitude of his fell out with the past Oluwos. His has domineering trait but his wings is weeded. Can he still fly? He swallowed a pestle and can never sleep upright again in his life. He was stripped of title- religious, traditional and honourary titles by the Oluwo of Iwoland. The embattled ordinary Mr.Ogundokun resorted to blackmailing and calling Oluwo unprintable names. Ogundokun turns a barking dog. He will bark till his last breath for sins against his parents, families, acquaintances, Iwo, Yoruba, Nieria and entire nation. Iwo crown can never forgive him.

He said he is fighting Oluwo, I ask him: Can dead dog ever bark? Can a dead ram fights? And a toad never reverse ponds order. So, his (Ogundokun) cosmic power has deserted him. Have you heard of a hen challenging fox? Shio, his immunity is locked up. This is era of liberation. An emptied sack can never stand erect. A twig commonised has blind the traitor (Ogundokun). The chicken that eats the worm forgets that the hawk is watching and is ready to pounce. A bird that stays long on a tree will end up in boy’s soup. I have never seen a fruit in the forest that is not pointing at the tree that gave birth to it. If you see any, they are testimonies of Ogundokun species. Ogundokun is irredeemable, a stubborn goat that munches at the corridor still has his mind on the beans at the store. And the people of Iwo has prevented him from going back to the store. Lobatan

When an evil man is going down the hill, everyone gives him a push as the price of his antecedents. The mouth the snail used to revile the gods must be used to crawl on the floor of the shrine.

Why Ogundokun “Na Iya Re” – Why Ogundokun beat his mother
The popular musician, a friend to Ogundokun, Ebenezer Obey in one of his albums sang “Ori mi maje n na iya to bimi saye… haaa, otise, otise si Olorun Ob”. Mr. Biola Ogundokun, an ill-fated Olola Iwo born man beat his mother, an accursed son. Many wondered

Why but his peers who were accidental witnesses of the incidence revealed Ogundokun was caught by his mother while having sex with his daughter. His manhood knows no family. Who knows may be that accounts for why none except his first son bears his family name? He had 60 children with no certified number of wives. Pitiably, none of them lives with him. What a soloist of demerit. And worst of all, none of his children succeeded despite his connection. They must be paying the debt of their father.

In 2006, he slept with a Chinese prostitute in Beijing and refused to pay him 60 usd as agreed. The incidence nearly claimed his life before he escaped. Similar case relocated him from America. What do you expect of a man who slept with his daughter and beat his mother? The bitter is, Ogundokun is unrepentant. He is still in the harassing young ladies. But soonest, nemesis will catch up with him.

In one of his raping cases on February 19th, 2010, Ogundokun cunningly imprisoned a family on an alleged threat to his life to hide his smelling deed. In the said report TAGGED “How PDP Chieftain, Ogundokun Terrorized Family”. Ogundokun was harassing an Iwo born undergraduate female student of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, Miss Biola Arowolo. He (Ogundokun) swiftly reported the case to the police alleging threat to his life by the family of Arowolo. The family was apprehended and kept in prison. Read the excerpt as reported by OSUNDEFENDER of February 19th, 2010;
For daring to confront a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain in Osun State, Chief Abiola Ogundokun over an alleged immorality, a Higher National Diploma (HND) undergraduate of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, Miss Biola Arowolo has been remanded in prison custody.

OSUN DEFENDER investigation revealed that the elderly politician had been having a secret affair with the 27-year-old undergraduate and was said to have rented an apartment for her at Ada , where he had been meeting her secretly.

It was also gathered that the Iwo-born politician was highly respected by the Arowolos, who were also indigenes of the town, not knowing that he was involved in an illicit act with another of their daughters.

Not satisfied with his illicit affairs with the young girls, the octogenarian started another affair with another female member of the family without the duo having knowledge of the politician’s involvement with neither of them.

It was also gathered that the unsuspecting Arowolo family always beckoned on him to mediate in their family disputes as he was held in high esteem.

The medium gathered that trouble started between the politician and the family when the wife of a male member of the family, Mr. Arowolo Adam approached Ogundokun to help speak with her husband and help settle a misunderstanding between the young couple.

Instead of prevailing on the couple to settle the dispute, the PDP chieftain prevailed on the wife to abandon her husband for him, while promising to take better care of her.

He reportedly promised to take her to Lagos State and have her relocated to one of his apartments over there.
The medium’s further investigations revealed that the PDP chieftain also gave the woman the sum of N10, 000 in the beginning and threatened to harm her should she disclose his proposition with her to anyone.

Surprised over the development, the woman, OSUN DEFENDER gathered, on getting back home, gave the cash gift to her husband and wrote the details of their discussion in a paper for the husband to go through.

The incident, according to findings, created a lot of acrimony among the family members, leading to a cold relationship with the politician.
Meanwhile, when the undergraduate got wind of the development, she was perturbed with the situation, forcing her to divulge her secret affairs with the elderly politician to her sibling, who advised her to put an end to the relationship.

Coincidentally, the politician was said to have paid the lady a visit around the same time and met a young man in her room and was said to have been disappointed with the manner he was treated, making him to threaten to deal with the lady.

Unable to bear the threat, the medium gathered that the lady reported to her elder brother, Adam, who in turn reported the development to their father, Mr. Arowolo Saminu.

However, the elder brother was said to have called the elderly politician on his mobile phone prevailing on him to leave his sister alone, especially now that she was through with the relationship.

Checks revealed that the young man urged Ogundokun to reason that the lady is young enough to be his grand-daughter, adding that the family does not want to lose the girl at her tender age.

Unknown to the Arowolos that Ogundokun had formally reported them at the Eagle Squad office in Osogbo that they were threatening to kill him, the family kept calling on the phone urging him to leave their daughter alone.

To save himself of further embarrassments, the cunning politician urged the men of the Eagle Squad to arrest the two sisters, their elder brother and the father and detain them in their office at Ota-Efun in the state capital.

All entreaties to secure the bail of the victims and settle the incident amicably were futile, as the politician maintained that he would deal with the family for attempting to drag his integrity into the mud.

The medium reliably gathered that a prominent PDP chieftain in the state, who was not satisfied with the development when he got wind of the incident, lamented the manner the old politician was terrorizing the family.

The party chieftain later prevailed on the security agents to release the victims on bail and allow the incident to be settled amicably and also promised the family the service of a legal practitioner, in case they could not resolve the issue amicably.

Checks revealed that the parties could not reach any amicable resolution, as the politician insisted on keeping the affairs with Biola, who had already made up her mind on putting an end to the odd relationship.

Meanwhile, last Tuesday, the police arraigned members of the Arowolo family including the father, through charge no MOS/87C/2010 over a threat to life offence, saying the four accused persons, Mr. Arowolo Saminu, 58, Mr. Arowolo Adam, 29, Miss Arowolo Bimbo and Miss Arowolo Biola did threaten to kill Chief Abiola Ogundokun.

Shio, Ogundokun has on several occasions petitioned Oluwo on alleged threat to life after his clandestine journey to contract Sunday Igoho to assassinate Oluwo. Igoho shouted on him and warned Ogundokun to stay off Oluwo. The end of the road, Ogundokun bereaved.

IN 1979, Iwo was placed on a vantage position to occupy the number seat of the old Oyo State. The political echelon of Iwo was prominent and attract attention from serving and prospective public servants. Then, the Late Obafemi Awolowo debut his seasonal political campaigns and manifestoes in Iwo. Acknowledging the relevance and the human resources Iwo is blessed with, Awolowo preferred and endorsed the Late Lawyer, his learned colleague and course mate while studying overseas, Lawyer Eniola Atanda under Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN). As usual, Ogundokun, the first enemy of Iwo had to procure a stolen vehicle and sold it to Eniola Atanda. Ogundokun thereafter arranged arrange his arrest and was incarcerated. By and large, Bola Ige was picked to replace the implicated Atanda.

1989, he sold a flat boot mercedez benz to the Amir of Sherifdeen Islamic Movement, Alfa Sherifdeen. An Ibadan based Islamic scholar was an eye witness when his father got his own share of Ogundokun wickedness. He said “Ogundokun sold a flat boot mercedez Banz to my father. My father requested for the paper but he refused to present it. Shortly, he mobilized miscreants with guns to our house in Ibadan wanted to drive the car out only to be restricted by the hot handedness of my father. It was a horrible ordeal with Ogundokun” said the man. This was an identical version of how the embattled Ogundokun treacherously orchestrated the incarceration of the first executive governor Iwo would have produced in history.

Mr.Ogundokun is treacherous, enjoys implication human failure. He has no job than managing the fall of people. He has worked with about four Nigeria presidents but never influence nor facilitate the employment of a single indigene of Iwo. What he does is to orchestrate and keep them in prison. He has sent his furniture, bricklayers, drivers and vehicle mechanic to prison. He lied on them, refused to pay their bill and sent them to prison.

Alhaji Taofeeq Amobi, I one of his interview by the press was quoted “Ogundokun is a wicked man whose joy is to implicate the sons and daughters of Iwo. I have witnessed many planned cases of stage-managing the downfall of Iwo indigenes. I could remember a day his vehicle killed a goat in Iwo. He packed and paid the owner. After few weeks, he came back and requested for the goat meat. Those who shared the meat contributed and he collected his money back. That is Ogundokun for you. He also beat his mother mercilessly in the public. He equally implicate his vehicle engineer, Ayinde and sent him to prison like his furniture and tailor. He incarcerated all of them in Ilesha prison. Help us tell him, no one will bury him if he dies”.

Corroborating the personality of Ogundokun, Comrade Fatai Agoro said “those disturbing Oluwo are political humbugs, jetsams, never do well and community robbers. They never had any good intention for Iwo. If they have, they should calculate their age and point to what they have done. A fool at 82. These people are old and should never be allowed to rot our generations. We learnt that was how he started his life. He implicated Laywer Atanda who would have been the first governor from Iwo in the defunct Oyo state. He fought the late Oba Abimbola and Oba Tadese till death. He now wanted to transfer his trait to Oba Akanbi. Never, the youth will not permit. We are even ready to sacrifice whatever it takes”
The useless Ogundokun is an enemy of the Yorubas, he set them up for assassination, imprisonment. He set Prof Wole Soyinka up for Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Olusegun Obasanjo, Diya etc. He was the one that lied against MKO Abiola to Abacha and rob us of June 12, Set up the Late Eniola Atanda that would have been the first civilian governor of old Oyo State for imprisonment. His atrocities go uncounted.

He is used to pilfering even since tender age. He is suffering watery mouth since his high school days at Modern School, Iwo when he stole yam cake and hit with plate in his mouth. He is a liar of first class grade. He edited one of the cultural dances of Oluwo to create an impression that Oluwo went to his house. Haaa, liar will perish. No wonder he is on his last journey, a shameful man. Oluwo was only rejoicing the day he installed the new Otun Balogun and danced as usual at the palace square only for Ogundokun to crop the video for public sympathy. Who will pity a cursed child, he must have reap his evils.

Signed – Iwo Youth Liberation Movement (IYLM).


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