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5 Questions You Must Ask Your Packer and Mover

You will come across any packers and movers around every nook and corner, but the things to be discussed while hiring them do not cross your mind that readily. Although knowing the essential tips before hiring a packer and mover is important, there are some questions that you must also discuss with them. Understanding this need of consumers regarding moving, www.hudsonmovers.com shares the following questions that you must ask your packer and mover.

1. Are you a certified packer and mover?

The most important thing while dealing with a packer and mover is to check the authenticity of the same. Never forget to ask your packer and mover this question. Be bold. You are investing your faith and money in them so have a right to ask such questions.

You would not want to put your belongings in jeopardy. When you make contact with a packer and mover, ask about their certification. You can check their profile online and consult with the local police department to know their previous record.

2. What safety standards do you follow?

What safety standards do you follow?

You hire a packer and mover because you want your stuff to be safe and sound during the shifting process. Hence, it is imperative that you check their safety standards. There are certain things that must be checked to ensure that your packing and moving service provider is doing their job adequately.

All the boxes must be sealed properly with security tape. The fragile items that can easily sustain damage must be packed with foam peanuts. In addition to this, your packer and mover might have some other means as well to keep the packed stuff fastened in its place.

3. How do you assist in packing the household items?

How do you assist in packing the household items?

Ask you packer and mover how they assist in the efficacious transfer of your belongings. If you have boxes to pack your stuff, then it is good. Otherwise, you don’t need to fidget over it. Packers and movers carry different size boxes to pack different sorts of material. Kitchenware, fragile stuff, decorative items, etc. are all packed separately. These boxes are labeled as well to ensure that you don’t run into any confusion while unpacking the same at the new destination.

4. What sort of moving projects do you undertake?

What sort of moving projects do you undertake?

Although packers and movers undertake all sort of related projects, it has also been seen that some hold specialized expertise. Fields such as office shifting, domestic shifting, warehouse shifting, etc. have their respective sets of professionals.

You must ask your packer and mover about the sort of shifting projects they are good at. This way, you will be able to make up your mind about the service provider that serves your needs aptly.

5. What are your policies for the items getting damaged in the transit?

What are your policies for the items getting damaged in the transit?

Since the entire packing and moving is to be done by the hired professional only, it is their responsibility to ensure the safety of the same. Have a thorough discussion on how they reimburse you in case the goods in the transit get damaged. You should know whether they pay fully or partially for the damaged stuff.

Once you are done asking these questions to your packer and mover, you might want to know the tip that they deserve. If they have done a marvellous job, do give away some tip. Otherwise, it is all up to you.