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6 Most Important Things To Consider Before Hiring a Calibration Services Provider

If you need to test the performance of your lab’s equipment and machinery, you’ll have to hire a calibration service provider. There are 6 important things which you need to consider before going on and sealing the deal with the provider:

1.  Accreditation of Calibration Services Provider Should Be Valid

In order to get your machines working properly, you need them to be calibrated with the industry standards. This is why it is really imperative to get the accredited calibration service provider. Always ask to see their ISO/IEC 17025 certification. They are deemed technically experts in calibrating devices and equipment.

2. You Should Be Ready With The Past Records And Readings

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If you are going to get your lab’s machines calibrated, you need to have the past records ready in form of proper documentation. It will make the provider’s job even easier and will help them to understand the gravity of the situation.

This is also a good practice for record-keeping. Your maintenance cost will see a huge downsurge if you keep records safe for future usage.

3. Search For The Vendor Who Can Calibrate All of Your Lab’s Machines

A manufacturing setup will have a lot of different equipment which will be needing calibrations. This is why it will be much effective and cost-effective to fire and hire a service provider who can calibrate all of your machines.

There are many service providers who only offer to calibrate certain type of devices and gadgets. If you choose them, you’ll have to hire multiple of such service providers and the lab will be non-operational for a long period of time.

4. Always Ask For Their Calibration Service Turnaround Time

If you have to get your machine calibrated which is required to do regular tasks to keep your business running, it is essential to get the work done fast and accurately. Always ask your calibration services provider to give you an estimated time of service completion.

Some of them take 5-6 business days and some of them can even take weeks. It usually depends on the kind of instrument being calibrated and the amount of legit time it needs to be involved with.

5. Choose Between In-Lab Calibration and On-Site Calibration After Consulting With Different Service Providers

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You can either ship your instruments to the lab of your calibration company or, you can get their technicians to your place and get the instruments calibrated in front of you. The first option should be just fine given that the majority of this business is done in-lab.

The on-site calibration is preferred if the equipment just can’t be transported or is very difficult. This is a premium option which many of the service providers don’t offer because of lack of their ability to move all the testing equipment to your place.

6. Look For A Service Provider Who Manages Other Smaller Vendors for Faster Calibration

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We had discussed in point number 3 that you should search for a single service provider who can calibrate all of your equipment. If you are unable to find such a calibration company, try to look for such agencies who manage different calibration companies under them for specific orders.

This way, the service provider will distribute the work among different vendors according to their capabilities. This will result in a faster turnaround time because there will be a greater number of people who are involved in calibrating your machines at the same time.