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6 Tips To Make Sure That Your ICBC Claim Gets You The Money You Deserve

Being auto insurance a mandatory obligation to all the drivers in the province of British Columbia, ICBC is something which almost everyone is familiar with in these regions. ICBC is a government agency of BC’s auto insurance where you can file injury claims in case you were a victim of road related accidents.

However, many of us are not really aware of the proper law and end up messing things up while filing our claims. In this blog, we’ll show you 7 tips by which you don’t mess up your ICBC claim and you get the compensation you very well deserve:

1. Regularly Keep Going For Medical Check-ups

There are many cases where genuine ICBC claim filers couldn’t prove their claims because there was no relative evidence of the injuries being specifically done by the accidents and that they weren’t injured before the accidents.

Medical checkups make your case stronger as you would have definite proof of your wellbeing before the accident occurred.

2. Always Attend Your Chosen Physical Examiner

Never go to ICBC’s appointed medical examiners.

They are usually rigged to make the compensation lesser for you.

It is a highly reported case where you really can’t do anything other than to accept the report.

Chances are you won’t be entertained with the medical reports given by ICBC medical examiners.

Thus, it is advised to talk to your own appointed and trusted medical examiner who will always be on your side.

3. Don’t be Late in Filing The Statement To ICBC Through Your Lawyer

You should never be late in consulting an ICBC lawyer after you are injured.

ICBC lawyer will help you in making a legally sound statement to the ICBC and the counts (if needed).

Although, you have a 30 days period to file a claim but never extend to that deadline. Try to file the claim in the first 3-4 days itself.

4. Be Confident of Your Claims In Front of The Adjuster

When you have filed the ICBC injury claim, you will be needed to have a meeting with an adjusted from ICBC.

The adjuster will investigate the accident details and try to figure out who is responsible for the accident and who deserves the claimed money.

Since you have claimed for the compensation, be sure to show the medical report you got from the examiner to the adjuster.

5. Always Keep The Tracks of The Expenses

If you are injured then the first thing you should do is rush to the nearest hospital.

When the aid is done, don’t forget to keep the bills of the medications you paid for initially.

Also, if subsequent treatments are required, make sure that you are keeping a track of all the payments made for your medications. Recovery bills should also be kept safe in a file.

These things will help you in coming to an amount which covers all of your bills accurately.

6. Never Settle Early WIthout Having Second Medical Checkup

Ther are a lot of chances that the first examiner might overlook some of your sore muscles, or your high blood pressure, and make a report in haste – because this is a case of an accident. With that report, you’ll only be settling for maybe half of your injuries. As the other half were yet to be found. It is advised to go for a second opinion with another examiner after a couple of days.

This way, you can be sure of all the injuries the accident has caused you. Those ones should be added to an extended report and claimed for the settlement from the insurers.