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7 Simplest and Most Actionable Ways You Can Keep Your Workplace Clean and Hygienic

A clean office is something which we all want to see every morning when we get to our workplace. However, during the course of the day, the desk gets messier, the floor gets dirty, the dustbins get filled with papers and disposable coffee cups.

In short, keeping the cleanliness of your workspace intact becomes a tad bit difficult when you are working there. Things will have to get dirty and so they will be.

Of course, there are several commercial cleaning services which will be more than happy to keep your office clean and hygienic.

But, it is also your responsibility, as an employee of your company, to maintain the hygiene standards around your personal workspace.

Here are 7 simplest tips you can use from the next day you enter your office building to keep it clean and beautiful:

1. Always keep a computer brush in your drawer

Computer brush can come really handy when the screen or the keyboard gets dirty.

You can simply wipe the screen to remove the dust from your computer screen.

Also, we all have a habit to eat where we work. If we eat a sandwich or toast near the keyboard, there are high chances of your keyboard getting their share of breadcrumbs. Your computer brush can get rid of them for good.

2. Avoid making a pile of paperwork

Unless you are in HR, avoid making the stacks of papers on your desk. They attract more mess around them.

If you are comfortable with a huge pile of mess lying on your table, you don’t care about the cleanliness of your personal office space.

These tips are nothing but for changing the mentality by which we decide how much mess can be allowed around you.

3. Antibacterial sanitizers should be easily available

Remember, we are talking about cleanliness and hygiene in the office environment.

Other than the most obvious problem of dust and eateries, there are germs all around a standard workplace.

They can mitigate through carpets, hands, desks, computer hardware and almost anything.

But if you keep your hands clean before using them to eat anything, you’ll be safe from most kind of possible infections.

4. Be extra careful while pouring hot coffee/tea from the machine

Fluids like coffee and tea usually get spilled around when the machine starts pouring them into the cups.

Sometimes, the cups come out short of size and the overflow becomes imminent.

It further results in the unhealthy environment around the coffee machine which can make the entire office sick.

Treating such food stations with care will go long way in order to maintain the office hygiene.

5. Don’t keep unnecessary trash inside your drawers or cupboards

Flickr/ Pete Hindle

Used papers, broken stationaries, unusable pens and pencils, empty stapler pin boxes, unused coins, playing cards went haywire, empty cigarette boxes, and finished lighters… Just throw them away and don’t assemble these things in your drawers or cupboards.

Your office needs to be clean from the inside. They take a lot of unnoticed space and when you clean these things up, you’ll see a lot of space for your meaningful things.

6. Group Areas such as the in-house kitchen, cafeteria should be kept clean all the time

Areas such as break rooms where you guys generally go to bust off your tension by taking a quick break should be clean and hygienic as well.

It is everyone’s own responsibility to keep such rooms litter free. Cleaning workers will do their work but that doesn’t mean we should totally rely on them to clean own mess every single time.


7. Offer rewards for the cleanest desk – weekly or monthly

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Employees love the competition between themselves and you could use this to their own advantage.

By initiating a game for “the cleanest desk award”, you guys can actually encourage others to keep their desk clean all the time.