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8 Flooring Tips To Beautify And Redefine Your House’s Interiors

If you are looking for flooring tips to make your home’s floors beautiful and attractive to eyes, this blog is for you. There are many types of floorings available to choose from. There is tile flooring, then there is hardwood flooring too. Marble and bamboo floorings have their own fair share of lovers. if you love wood flooring, we have got a number of tips for your floor designs, just keep reading.

Presenting you 8 flooring tips which will beautify your home’s decor:

1. Wood Flooring needs regular vacuum cleaning

If you have installed a hardwood flooring, make sure to vacuum clean it at least once a week.

If it’s not done on regular basis, the dust and sand get deposited into the areas between the pellets.

These areas are tough to clean with regular brooms because of their slim space.

Make sure that you have attached a brush to the vacuum cleaner and not any kind of beater bar. Those can gradually harm your wooden flooring.

2. How to avoid scratches on a Wood Flooring?

If your wooden flooring has been scratched somehow, the first thing you should make note of the kind of scratch it has. If it is a dent caused by a sharp object, you can easily make it go away by following steps:

  • Put a wet piece of cloth on the top of the dent.
  • Switch on the iron machine and set it at a high temperature.
  • Put the iron on the top of the cloth and do circular motions for 4 minutes.

3. How to remove a permanent mark from the Wood Flooring?

If you have children at home, the wood floorings tend to become more of drawing boards than floors.

Sometimes the marks are from common sketch pens, or sometimes from permanent markers too. You can simply use a wet cloth to erase off sketch pens’ marks.

However, if the marks are permanent, erasing them might not seem so simple. However, it is. You just need some toothpaste. Toothpaste is a great absorber of ink (both permanent and non-permanent).

4. Make sure to close your windows when it’s raining outside.

Water eats the surface of any wood flooring. You need to keep it safe from excess of water.

The surface will lose its shine eventually of a lot of water is getting involved.

In order to retain its original shine, the regular polish is required which will eventually increase the maintenance case.

Simple things like closing the windows when its raining can help you reduce the maintenance cost of your wood flooring.

5. How to clean your Laminate Flooring?

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Cleaning of white laminate flooring is actually quite easy.

You can prepare a cleaning liquid at your house itself for laminated flooring. Take water, alcohol, and vinegar at equal proportions and mix them up.

Your cleaning solution is ready.

Please note that the vinegar used shouldn’t be too much strong and the alcohol should have rubbing properties.

6. How to clean your Vinyl Flooring?

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Slaughterbeck Floors

Vinyl flooring a plastic based flooring and regular floor cleaning agents are workable in this flooring too.

Simple mopping can give you desirable results. Since this is an economical kind of flooring design, the cleaning efforts neednot be of high standards.

A waxed vinyl floor can be cleaned using wax removers. They will remove the old wax and then you can easily apply new and shiny wax.

7. Cleaning the Carpet Flooring – simpler ways

If you have a dark colored carpet, the dirt will be less visible and if you have a light colored carpet installed, it will look dirtier in normal circumstances as well.

Now that we have installed the wanted colored carpets, cleaning them is not a rocket science.

Vaccum cleaning is one of the best ways to extract invisible dirt from the carpets.

8. Ceramic Tile Flooring – best way to keep it shining

It is necessary to take care of ceramic tile flooring as they are helpful while cleaning them and if we don’t make use of its properties, we may as well have another kind of flooring.

This is one of the most common types of floorings available in the market.

In order to keep is shining, any wet waste which falls on the tiles should be wiped out with a wiper or a wet cloth asap.

Never use hard chemical liquids to clean the tiles. they take the shine with them in the long term. Use natural liquids which are widely available in the market.