How A Short Term Rental Apartment Can Make Your Holiday Unforgettable?

Do you want to travel around the world but come back to the comfort of your home fearing a boring old hotel room?

What if we told you that there is something you can do to about it? This is when short term rentals come to your rescue.

Short term rentals or service apartments of City Gate Suites are setups that are outfitted with the furnishing, security and solace of your home, but are administered by regular hotel staffs that service your stay. Read on to know how furnished apartment rentals have some great advantages over pricey hotels and can turn your holiday into an extraordinary experience:

  • Cost Effective

The most important reason why short term apartment rentals have been trending lately is because of its considerable cost effectiveness, especially for families. Serviced apartments can get you larger space at almost half the price of a hotel room. This is great for those travelling on a budget and especially for those who wish to have a long stay in a foreign city.

  • Cook Your Own Food

Instead of waking up early and dressing up to grab a bite at an expensive restaurant, you can use the fully functional kitchen at your serviced apartment and cook yourself a wholesome meal. This provides you freedom to eat what you want in a foreign land. Utilizing the kitchen and cooking for yourself will also save you significant amount of money.

  • Experience The Culture

The best way to explore a new city is by experiencing the culture. Short term apartment rentals help you to connect with the neighbors and natives who will tell you the best places to visit around town, famous restaurants, food specialties, all beyond the popular tourist sites. Instead of staying in hotel room in a high-rise building, live in furnished apartments among the locals and see the city from their perspective.

  • Travelling In Groups Made Easy And Affordable

You don’t have to book multiple hotel rooms if you’re a big group, you can choose a big spacious rental apartment with several bedrooms and bathrooms and a dining hall or living room. You can hang out together in the common area and maintain your privacy as well. Such furnished apartment rentals come down to be much cheaper and comfortable than an ordinary cramped hotel.

  • Get The Best Of Both Worlds

Many short term rental apartments have common facilities such as gym, spa, swimming pool, conference halls and concierge service. There is no need for you to sacrifice the better amenities of a hotel for the comfort of a fully furnished and functional home.

  • Find Your Home Away From Home

You can spread out in your pajamas, cook and eat when you want, lift your feet up and chill on the couch or rewind yourself while watching TV after a tiresome day of exploring the city. All such solace, space and privacy of your home are brought to these furnished apartment rentals, which are bereft of all disturbances from the housekeeping and staff usually prevalent in hotels.

Comfort, privacy, style and facilities, short term apartment rentals have it all. For all those who are looking for the conveniences of a home while travelling abroad, choose short term apartment rentals for your stay and make your holiday an unforgettable one.