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How to be a Minimalist in your Home Office

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Whether it’s a personal lifestyle change or you simply want to cut back on excess, minimalism is now where it’s at. Your home office can be a place to clear your head, focus, and, of course, get to work. Not everyone thinks with clutter all around them though. So how do you go from a cluttered office life to a minimalist one?


1) Get rid of the knick knacks.

image via Pixabay Creative Commons

If you are the type of person who has a generous collection of knick-knacks around you while you work, this may be the most difficult step so far. If you are trying to achieve true minimalism while you work, get rid of the knick-knacks in your home office. Holiday trinkets, little stuffed toys, change, lip balm, and anything else you can think of, can take up space if it’s overdone. Get rid of as much non working related items as much as you can.



2) Get better storage.

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Whether it’s for office supplies, billing and account information, information for tax purposes, and anything else you can think of, storage is key to creating a minimalist space. Add shelves that allow you to stack storage boxes that gets away from the desk space.



3) Turn digital (and cut back digitally).

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If you are overloaded with keeping papers, receipts, and invoices, go digital. Buy a scanner that can let you get rid of these items and get them out of sight. Ideally, buy one with a built in printer to cut back on office equipment. Also, don’t forget about becoming a digital minimalist. Unsubscribe from unnecessary newsletters, emails, and start following websites using an RSS reader instead. We can get overloaded with clutter digitally as well as physically, so don’t forget to start there as well.

This just scratches the surface but it’s an excellent start. Also, don’t be afraid to start completely from scratch. Put yourself in a new space at home, if you can, and add things into your home office as you need them. Hopefully with these tips in mind, you can become a minimalist at last.